Congo tourmaline natural stones

Post Congo Tourmaline Mine Found in Africa

What The Discovery of a post Congo Tourmaline Mine Can Mean for You!

A post Congo Tourmaline Mine was discovered late last year and we were the first to import the post Congo Tourmaline Mine rough to Thailand. After our initial assessments of quality and usability, we have it on the market available in Bulk and at wholesale prices. Small quantities were first available and now more is ready and still more flowing in and it is very useable. We produce all sizes and all shapes of Tourmaline gems and rough and mostly producing 6 x 4mm ovals or 4mm rounds, cushions, squares, and more, up to 10mm sizes.

post Congo Tourmaline Mine
                 Photo Courtesy of on Mines in the Congo and post Jobs

While Supplies Last?

With the post DRC laws on Taxes of mines and more, as reported here by Reuters, some foreign-owned mines will undoubtedly raise their prices or slow production. We have much of our stock supply already and buy from our post Congo Tourmaline Mine source at contract prices and have what you need in stock now.

New Congo Tourmaline Mine
Deep Luscious Colors on Our post Congo Tourmaline Mine Gems

A Brief History of the Market

Previously Japan and Taiwan bought large quantities of Tourmaline for jewelry and for its energetic properties for protection against bad energies and bad karma. China has always been in the market for Tourmaline and now loves Tourmaline these days, because of its diversity of colors and because it can be produced in large and clean quantities.
In previous years such as 2016-17and, early 2018, pastel Tourmalines (view our Color of the Year article here) have been and still are very popular. These stones from the post Congo Mine are coming in as Pastel Tourmaline colored stones and we can turn them into beautiful stones and tones with the standard treatments.

The post Mine’s Importance

The discovery of this post Congo Tourmaline Mine is important because though other countries still supply in bulk such as Brazil, In

dia, and Sri Lanka, their supplies are shrinking. The continent of Africa is abundant with gemstone resources and is full of post discoveries of precious and semi precious gemstone material all the time which helps the gemstone and jewelry market. It is really starring in the industry for the vast resources of quality gemstone material and post discoveries like this post Tourmaline Mine.

post Congo Tourmaline Mine
                    Some of Our post Congo Tourmaline Mine Rough Material

Our Low Wholesale Prices

This rough is not expensive because it is coming from Africa. Brazilian tourmaline is much more expensive and is not as brilliant and has a somewhat oily appearance. Just as you will see in our next article on African Amethyst, the preferred color, quality and tone of African gems is taking the market.

New Congo Tourmaline MineFancy Tourmaline Gems from our post Congo Mine Source

This post Congo Mine is producing this brilliance in all of the colors and with very intense saturation. Pure Pink Tourmaline, Pure Blue Tourmaline, Pure Purple Tourmaline, Pure Green Tourmaline, and all of a brilliance unmatched in other mines. If you are a Jewelry Manufacturer that is looking for something different then this post Congo Tourmaline is the ticket and you can really get ahead of your competitors with it and this is the right time. Now is the right time and it is coming inexpensively to you and in big quantity from us as your direct source and supplier from the post Congo Mine and the colors have never been better than this. So if you are looking for good quality tourmaline, we have it and from this post Tourmaline Mine, available now.

Order Now

Are you ready to order today? We will get your bulk wholesale post Congo Tourmaline Mine Gems shipment started right away and will have photos or video for you before shipping it so that you can see the gorgeous colors and quality. Contact us today and you may use the contact us or email or WhatsApp listed there.
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