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Deep Purple Wholesale African Amethyst

Ethically Sourced Wholesale African Amethyst

African Amethyst is the best color and quality and the most asked for of Amethyst Gemstones and Rough. The best quality of African Amethyst Rough is mined by Gemfields PLC and then it is auctioned off by them. The Gemfields Auctions of the graded African Amethyst Rough happen in Singapore and in India and though they normally auction more expensive gemstone rough like Emerald and Ruby, now African Amethyst rough from Gemfields is also available through us and is from the best Ethical African Amethyst mines.

Why Do We Source from Gemfields?

From Archives of Research, an MIT study on the problems and damage done to the environment by mining and not to mention local workers abused and even enslaved. It has become our only way to practice and ethical sourcing is engraved into our mission statement.

Wholesale African AmethystThis chart from MIT illustrates the many environmental impact problems associated with mining.

Gemfields is a socially responsible corporation and has even won awards on the sustainability and in the responsibility of their ethical mines and auctions. There is also a system in Africa which promotes the local cutters and they gain an advantage in this which gives them an opportunity to grow. This sets a great example for the world’s gemstone market and jewelry businesses. We are one of the buyers at those auctions and we go to them in either Singapore or India a few times a year and though we are a wholesale supplier with many of the world’s ethical mines to source from, we appreciate being in this situation.

Wholesale African Amethyst  # As seen in this video Gemfields also takes care of the community

More of the auctions happen in India now since more manufacturers are there and not as many in Singapore or in Bangkok where we are, for that matter. African Amethyst Rough comes in large-sized lots and from low quality to high quality. The rough is graded that way and the low-quality African Amethyst generally goes to the Gemfields India auctions and the high-quality African Amethyst is auctioned in Singapore. We go twice or thrice a year to these auctions and the photos below are from about 2 months ago when we bought the African Amethyst Rough at the Singapore auction and brought it to our factory in Bangkok to cut and qualify it and it is all of very good quality and at our Wholesale African Amethyst Prices.

Wholesale African Amethyst
African Amethyst Rough from our Recent Trip to Gemfields’ Singapore Auction

Grading African Amethyst

Wholesale African Amethyst
Some of our Bulk Wholesale African Amethyst Being Readied for Shipping to a Client

Another good point about African Amethyst is that usually it is graded in 3 qualities, A, AA and AAA or Low, Medium and Top Quality and since 1995 to 2000, our customers would call us and say something like “I need AA of the African Amethyst 6×4 5000 pieces or 7×5 2000 pieces” or whichever they wanted and that was the system then. We still work that way with our old customers and these days our post customers tell us what price they can pay or what quality they need and we work with them and manufacture to their needs. If they want our AA Wholesale African Amethyst, we will show them the quality of AA at their price and how it looks, and this is an advantage of African Amethyst because we can meet everyone’s needs with it. If someone needs Wholesale African Amethyst Cabochons, we can do that, if they need Wholesale Faceted African Amethyst at really high quality we can do that too.Amethyst
                                               Some of Our Deep Purple African Amethyst Gems

What Color is African Amethyst?

Deep Purple and people have always loved the purple tones of Amethyst and African Amethyst comes in deeper colors and tones. The Low-Quality African Amethyst is a lighter color, the Medium Quality African Amethyst is similar to the Top Quality Brazilian Amethyst which is called Kanela Amethyst though African Amethyst does not have the oily appearance to it as the Brazilian Amethyst does. The Top Color African Amethyst is a standard and 95% of our customers ask for our AAA or Top Color Deep Purple Wholesale African Amethyst.

Hush courtesy of YouTube and Repeating “Deep Purple” reminds me of the archives of Rock n Roll and the riff “Thought I heard her Calling My Name”? nahnahnahnah

How is African Amethyst Best Used in Jewelry?

African Amethyst goes best with intense colors such as Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz and others with intense color in jewelry. It does not go well with the lighter colors like in Crystal Quartz or Smokey Quartz or Brazilian Pink Amethyst for example. Some of our Wholesale African Amethyst buyers ask for the top grade deep purple African Amethyst and use it in Gold Jewelry and occasionally Silver Jewelry.

Wholesale African Amethyst                     Some of our Bulk Wholesale African Amethyst Being Readied for Shipping to a Client

Our Experience in African Amethyst Sales

We have been manufacturing and selling Wholesale African Amethyst for several years now from our office here in Bangkok and we currently produce around 15,000 to 20,000 carats of Wholesale African Amethyst a month. We sell all of the standard sizes from 4×3 mm Ovals to 20×15 Ovals and can do any size and cuts like Checkerboard, Concave, Fancy Cuts, Briolettes, and anything is possible from us. The Wholesale Gemstones that we have been producing have been the same high quality for 25 years here. Our wholesale customers rely on us to give them the best products for the best wholesale prices and with African Amethyst prices, the light inclusions from microscopic to very visible and other factors in color tone and hue, must be qualified properly by our experts here at Navneet Gems, and we are completely open to our customers and we always love to build their trust and reliability and you may see our customer reviews here.
Contact us today for your bulk gemstone supply needs and we will get started on your wholesale order for Ethically Sourced Wholesale African Amethyst promptly or answer any questions you may have. Photos or video can be sent to you before your order ships too, for your assurance. We look forward to hearing from you and would love to know that you loved this post enough to share it.