Nanosital Gemstones

The Future is Here in Nanosital Gemstones

Nanosital Gemstones 

Here is an All-Inclusive Article on Everything Nano with some statistical data and hands-on knowledge and in it, we will do our best to explain to you:

· What are Nanosital Gemstones

· What is Ethical Sourcing

· Why Buy Nanosital Stones

· Who Buys Nanosital Gemstones

· Where to Buy Nano Sital Gemstones

Future Trends Taking Hold Now

As the world turns, things change, evolve, and are altered and post methods are discovered to give us what we need. Many types of popular gemstone materials do run out and sometimes are rediscovered in other locations around the world but perhaps in a different shade of color or quality.

Nanosital GemstonesA Gemologist Inspecting a Gemstone

What Are Nanosital Gemstones?

Nanosital Gemstones are a glass-ceramic material with nano-sized or seed crystals in a glass matrix, which is a hybrid of special glass and synthetic crystal or mineral by a technique similar to the hydrothermal method. This material has its own unique physical and optical properties such as the consistency in color and density and a melting temperature of more than 1700 C° and hardness of 7 on the MOHs scale (the same as Topaz). While the old gemstone industry would maintain that man-made stones are nothing more than low-grade ones that won’t ever be serious contenders, now industry observers aren’t so sure. It’s starting to look like man’s genius has finally matched nature’s brilliance.

Ethical Sourcing Is Nanosital Gemstones

Nanosital GemstonesPhoto Courtesy of the internationally acclaimed Blood Diamond Movie

Some of the discoveries of post sources of natural gemstones are big profit for smaller countries and the result can mean conflict and civil wars and more treachery to get the post profits… (see our article on Conflict Gems here for more on that)

Late last year the Social Accountability International – SA8000 was enacted and “Social Accountability International (SAI) is a non-governmental, multi-stakeholder organization whose mission is to advance the human rights of workers around the world. It partners to advance the human rights of workers and to eliminate sweatshops by promoting ethical working conditions, labor rights, corporate social responsibility, and social dialogue. SAI established one of the world’s preeminent social standards the SA8000® standard for decent work, a tool for implementing international labor standards. Many more workplaces are involved in programs using SA8000 and SAI programs as guides for improvement.

In a January 2018 article, writer Leah Marie Angelou wrote about “Ethically Sourced and Lab Grown Diamonds” and went on to explain how “Support for synthetic, ethical and lab-grown diamonds (and colored Gems) is growing amid issues on traditional extraction.” In February,  announced, “Leading suppliers unite to host UK’s first ethically sourced gemstone fair” and how “Jewellery designers and buyers were able to view and purchase, with the complete assurance of responsible mining and production, with details on the location of each gemstone available to every customer” and were it held at the CIWEM Venue in Farringdon, London, on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

      Nanosital GemstonesPhoto courtesy of

Colored gems are the post-engagement ring for many. Millennials are buying fewer diamonds and they are buying more colored gemstones than any previous generation. They’re making the switch for a variety of obvious “ethical, financial and even expressive reasons”. Ethical sourcing remains one of the biggest, and most complicated, stories for the gemstone industry right now. In today’s market with socially conscious consumers, it’s a conversation that the industry must take part in and is something many already have been talking about. But the problem is not only with blood diamonds and the precious and semi-precious gemstones industry is large and no 1 solution can be applied across the board.

Nanosital GemstonesHere is Some Research That We Did to See Who is Using Created Gems or Natural Gems in Engagement Rings.

Certainly, the industry seems to be moving in the right direction, as more action is being taken. Still, though, a responsible jeweler selling you gemstone jewelry should be sure he has ethical sources or that his suppliers do (and yes we do). Our ethical sourcing is written into our corporate mission statement and as stated we do not buy from conflict gemstone areas and will never be too big or busy to verify this on location ourselves. Nano Gemstones and Synthetic Gems created in a Lab are not involved in these conflict gems areas or issues and only the consumer can ultimately change this situation in the Conflict Gemstone areas. Now perhaps it’s on you to ask your jeweler if he is aware of where his gemstones come from and if they are from areas included in such areas.

Nanosital GemstonesSome of Our Nice Nanosital London Blue Gemstones

Why buy Nano Gems?

Aside from the ethical matter of not being involved with conflict gems, Nanosital gems are affordable gemstones for all jewelry manufacturers. These stones can be used for all jewelry techniques including wax casting due to their high fire and heat resistance. Also known as nanocrystal and nano gems Nanosital Gemstones are manufactured at a factory near Moscow, Russia, by patented technology.

While the name may be different or the method somewhat different, the consistency of color and quality, and hardness is key to any large business that needs an undeviating color of a gemstone. The advantage of Nanosital Gemstones is that we can supply stones like Sapphires and Rubies which in created gems may look synthetic but with Nanosital Gemstones, the color range we have is enormous and the quality is consistent. This type of consistency is non-existent in natural stones, especially when you need 1000’s of stones of the same size, shape, etc.

The Nanosital Swiss blue topaz comes out with only a slight difference but more or less the same hue and consistency not seen in natural or synthetic gems. The Natural London Blue Topaz comes in 2 or 3 colors and with bad treatment can sometimes make it 4 colors. The Nanosital Gems London Blue Topaz gives one consistent color so if you are one of those companies looking for mass production of hundreds of thousands of one cut, one size, one uniform color, you have no option but to go for nanosital gems. Another point of why you should buy your nanoscale gemstones from us is where they are found and bought.

Nanosital GemstonesNanosital Rubies Headed to a Buyer in Russia

Where are Nanosital Gemstones Found?

Nanosital Gemstones are sourced by us from Russia which is where they are created. Here at Navneet Gems in Silom, Bangkok, it’s known that all the world’s buyers come to Thailand to buy Nanosital Gemstones and more specifically to Bangkok in the business district of Silom, Bangkok, and nearby Bang Rak, Bangkok and Sathorn, Bangkok, and Sukhumvit, Bangkok areas. The Thai/Chinese craftsmen and women that have lived here in Thailand for many years are very good at their trade of cutting synthetic gems and the Thai descendants of the master craftsmen living and working in these areas and are the top gemstone cutters with skills passed down from generation to generation of gemstone cutters and is a family tradition. Here in Thailand it is about the quality and understanding the color of the cut and getting the right product to our customers. Centered in this region is the Jewelry Trade Center Tower where our main office is housed, nestled among these top gemstone cutters for the last 20 years and for many more years to come and yet another advantage is that our cutters can cut high-quality gemstones and do so regularly.

Nanosital GemstonesHere  Are Some of Our Best Created Emeralds for a Buyer Before Shipping from Our Bangkok Office

Our team at Navneet Gems has been creating emeralds and budding on every post technique for other gems and now invest fully in supplying nanosital gemstones and also have reliable sources that we buy our rough material from.  Read about our Synthetic Emerald Gemstones here, and as well as the Nanosital Gemstones that we sell, they are transparent, translucent, and opaque and they completely replicate the brightness, color, and density of natural gemstones and this is true in more than 350 colors and shades available in our Nanosital Gemstones, such as Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Topaz, Garnet, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Morganite, Kunzite, Peridot, Tsavorite, Rubellite, Red and Black Spinel, Turquoise and on.

Who Buys Nanosital Gems?

Also Navneet Gems’ Nanosital Gemstones buyers are from Russia and Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and the U.S., and these customers buy their stones from Thailand because Thailand is known for well-cut stones and branded gemstones instead of just buying from a random quality with no control or standard and Thailand is known for the high standards which is also the reason that the customers come to the Bangkok Gem Shows and buy their Nanosital Gems. There are many other manufacturers of Nanosital Gems but our manufacturer stands out on quality and on delivery time but most importantly on providing all of that at up to hundreds of thousands of pieces a month. At Navneet Gems, our capacity for Nanosital Gems is quite high because they are all very easy to cut for our master cutters which makes it a very fast process and of the right quality for you.

Nanosital GemstonesA U.S. Bureau of Labor Map showing Jewelers, Precious Gemstones and Metals Workers in the US

The large retail networks in the market like those with a chain of say 500 or so stores or TV station jewelry sales such as in London, UK or wherever and they are using Nanosital Gemstones because they need consistency over their overall product range. If they need one sort of stone such as Garnet in 10mm round cut and with Natural Garnet would be very expensive for such a large quantity but with Nanosital Garnet and other Nanosital Gems, there are many regular sizes able to be produced in large quantity with consistent quality, cut and color. Doing the same with Natural Garnet for example would be very tricky to match the cut, color, and quality consistently in high volume with a limited amount of natural garnet rough available in the world and not to mention time-consuming.

Sustainability in the world is managed by growth and change. Navneet Gems, led by GIA Carlsbad Graduate Gemologist Navneet Agarwal, is all about moving along with the market but staying just ahead of the curve and changing with the post technologies as the market dictates and we have the capacity as a bulk wholesale supplier of nanosital gems to supply you with the color cut and quality you need.

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Nanosital GemstonesOur Office is located on the 31st Level of the Jewelry Trade Center in Silom, Bangkok

Where to Buy Nanosital Gems?

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