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Navneet Gems is an Exporter of Wholesale Gemstones in Russia

Wholesale Gemstones in Russia

The ever-growing Gemstone Jewelry Industry in Russia is a major market to contend with. We are proud of our Russian clients and the advances they make in the industry as they grow. As a supplier of our wholesale gemstones in Russia (поставщик оптовых драгоценных камней в Россию) we have grown with them as well as an exporter of wholesale gemstones in Russia.

Wholesale Gemstones in RussiaJunWex Moscow

Russian Jewellery and Gemstone Trade Shows

Moscow has been at the forefront with major International Gem and Jewelry Shows (Международные ювелирные изделия и ювелирные изделия ) such as JunWex and in St Petersburg, Russia and events in other cities. JunWex is an international jewelry industry forum and showcases post collections for seasonal sales. Participants are of the Russian jewelry market and watch producers whose production reflects some conditions and trends of the Russian jewelry and watch industries.

JunWex is a great venue for manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers who are interested in establishing themselves on the Russian market, expanding their business to the CIS and Baltic States as well as the rest of the world. Within the framework of JunWex various seminars, podium presentations and fashion shows take place as well as an international scientific conference. JunWex takes place annually and within Moscow and St. Petersburg Russia. We attend such trade shows worldwide and an associate who attended is who took some of these photos. Plans are in the works to attend a JunWex event and market our wholesale gemstones in Russia even more.

wholesale gemstones in russiaFaberge’ Eggs

History of Russian Jewelry

The Russian heritage of the great masters of the past, such as Carl Fabergé, Pavel Ovchinnikov, Ignaty Sazikov, Ivan Khlebnikov, and many others is astounding. Now with the rapid expansion of Russia’s jewelry industry in the context of free-market relations and the encouragement of private-public partnership, it has blossomed. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the art of jewelry-making within Russia achieved some insurmountable heights. This period saw significant changes in jewelry style, with masters striving to set aside old European tradition and returning to the roots of Russian art, which gave their work an unmistakable local color.

During the Soviet era, Russian jewelry companies mostly specialized in products for mass consumption. However, at the end of the last century, contemporary jewelers came up with the idea of recreating the Russian Jewellers’ Guild, in order to restore the art of jewelry making to its former glory and to produce more post-masterpieces. Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, the current Russian Jewelry Market reaffirms the high level of mastery that Russian jewelers have achieved after overcoming a period of artistic lul in the post-Soviet period

As in Modern Art these days, jewelry is steadily turning from craft to an art form – perhaps even more so than at any other time. Jewelry has grown to be a form of creative expression. Today, modern enterprises use more advanced equipment and easily accessible materials, with a large share of jewelry being based on synthesized components. And even though these materials cannot surpass the flawless beauty of natural gemstones, they are still quite worthy rivals. Today’s jewelry art is a worthy successor of the old masters’ fine traditions.

russian semi precious gemstones
The Mercury Fine Jewellery Store in Moscow

Russian Gemstone Jewelry Customers

The tastes of Russian customers bear traces of Soviet times even now. The most popular are Topaz, Garnet, Emerald and Diamond which are some of the wholesale gemstones in Russia that we supply. Gems more or less in fashion are aquamarine and tourmaline. Gemstones such as Tanzanite and Paraiba Tourmaline are practically unknown in Russia. Some companies, such as those that we supply, began to import Sapphires of medium and high quality when these came into fashion.

wholesale gemstones in russiaTop Quality Natural Yellow Sapphire from Our Stock

Our Wholesale Gemstones in Russia that we are supplying are among those listed above and we specialize in Topaz, Sapphire, Tanzanite, and more. Top stones such as Rubies have appealed to Russian customers only in the past three to five years. The Russian Cities that account for the largest usage of colored gemstones are Moscow then St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg, Kostroma and Kostroma region (manufacturing around 60% of gold jewelry in Russia), and other large cities.

wholesale gemstones in russia

The Belle Epoque Ring with Diamonds and Emerald from St. Petersburg Russia circa 1890 photo courtesy of RomanovRussia.com

Buying Your Wholesale Gemstones in Russia

Feel free to Contact Us (Свяжитесь с нами) by clicking the link in the Menu Bar above and you may use the Inquiry Form or find our email address there. You can send your requirements along with any questions and we will reply promptly with answers and wholesale pricing and send photos of your products before shipping.

wholesale gemstones in russiaTop Swiss Blue Topaz After Final Quality Check and Ready to Ship

As a Gems Wholesaler in Russia, we export Precious and Semi-Precious Wholesale Gemstones to Russia and sell wholesale gemstones in Moscow, gemstones in bulk St Petersburg and anywhere we can sell wholesale gems in Russia. We also manufacture wholesale gemstone jewelry and watches and sell in bulk.

We look forward to working with you.

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