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Owed to Amber, Supplying Wholesale Gemstones in Ukraine

The Gems and Jewelry Market of Ukraine

Здравствуйте A history as deep as the Black Sea and full of traditional jewelry is again fulfilling its legacy in design. With recent and continually changing events in the economy, some extravagant designs were quelled for a better time. This seems to leave room for the post designs, more subtle yet stunning, classic yet classy and with a fashionable post edge. As a supplier of Wholesale Gemstones in Ukraine.

  Diadema “Made in the Ukraine”

Some History On Ukraine Jewellery

Necklaces (namysto) have been worn by Ukrainian women for centuries, which means that there is a very wide variety of this decorative element. Throughout its history, beads have varied in color, form, material and the way they were worn. The earliest neck ornaments were made of pits and seeds taken from vegetables, fruit and grains and were subsequently replaced by stone, metal and glass beads. Later necklaces were crafted from expensive natural materials such as coral, amber, pearls, glass, smalt and garnets. Only wealthy bourgeois women could afford the latter.

wholesale gemstones in ukrainePhoto and History Courtesy of Euromaidenpress.com

Neck jewelry has been worn differently throughout the years. First of all, Ukrainian women did not leave home without covering their neck with some kind of ornament – it was akin to going out naked! Be it  on a festive day, a celebration, a Sunday or a normal working day, a lady’s neck was always adorned with rows of elaborate beads. Necklaces were also amulets, protecting her from evil spirits and bad people.

A woman’s social status could easily be determined by her neck ornaments. The more beads and the more rows she had around her neck, the more prosperous she was. The poorest wore 2-3 rows of coral, while the rich – 10 to15. Therefore it is our moral responsibility to supply more affordable wholesale gemstones in Ukraine so everyone can afford more of the beautiful jewelry being created there.

wholesale gemstones in ukrainePhoto from Salon of Accessories and Fashionable Adornments Kiev

Trade Shows

An evolving advance for the Ukraine jewelry market is the Jewelry and Gemstone Trade Shows occurring in cities like Jeweller Expo-Ukraine in Kiev and ElitExpo in Lviv. Showcasing the post timely Jewelry creations from the hosting and neighboring cities like Odesa and Kharkiv and otherworldly sources, plus gemstone suppliers and more. With the international notoriety of these shows, suppliers of wholesale gemstones in Ukraine (оптові дорогоцінні камені в Україні постачальники) become available more and more from all reaches of the world.

wholesale gemstones in ukraineAAA Tanzanite Cabochons Ready for Shipping To A Client

Rules and Resolve

Ukraine Gemstone resources are plentiful, especially the Ukrainian Amber but with the lack of some more popular Gemstone types, much needs to be imported. Though the current Ukraine rules may be strict for gemstones and some jewelry (Правила України суворі для дорогоцінних каменів та ювелірних виробів) we have dealt with such issues around the world for 15 years and we know that it becomes easier for both of us after the first few orders are shipped from us (Знайте, що це стане легше для нас обох після того, як перші кілька замовлень будуть відправлені). As a wholesale gemstones Ukraine supplier, we can grow with you as we do with many of our clients.

wholesale gemstones in ukraineThe Amber Chamber in the Palace in Charlottenburg

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As an international wholesale gemstone supplier, we take pride in supplying wholesale gemstones in Ukraine. Our unique money-saving methods with owning 2 factories and the main Bangkok office with a small factory and all in strategic locations for sourcing and manufacturing shipping and more. We pass these savings in both time and money to you.

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