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Where Do I Find Natural Stones Wholesale?

Navneet Gems is the Natural Stones Wholesaler for your natural gemstone needs. We have been supplying the world’s largest gemstone jewelry businesses with bulk orders of virtually all Natural Stones Wholesale (or unheated gemstones) for nearly a quarter of a century now.

The natural stones that are fresh from the mines which are most likely to be a nice natural color stone without any treatment for example can be our Natural Pidgeon Blood Red Ruby from Myanmar (Burma) or our Natural Green Emerald from Zambia or Colombia, or our Natural Blue Zircon from Cambodia and many more.Natural Stones WholesaleAs Deep as the London Blue, Our Natural Cambodian Blue Zircon Gems

When mined, they all are natural, and yet very few are worthy of color. If deep colors are desired such as in Blue Sapphires, London Blue Topaz, or Green Peridot for example, then they are all generally heated to enhance the blue, the red, or the green, and so on. This process of heating is at fairly low temperatures of 1200°C and below to enhance the natural colors (such heat treatment is not always even detectable), and it is also considered natural. Nevertheless, it is only what you want that we supply to you honestly with Natural Stones Wholesale.
Whether we have them heated or not, we only give you what you ask for and we thoroughly explain the process or the difference if needed and provide photos or video of what you order. Our most common request for unheated gems or our Natural Stones Wholesale are for our Unheated Padparadscha Sapphires and our Unheated Ruby Gems
Natural Stones Wholesale                                                                Natural Padparadscha Sapphire Rough

Padparadscha Stones are originally from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) but more Padparadscha Gemstones are also found in Madagascar, the Quy Chau district of Vietnam, and the Tunduru district in Tanzania. Madagascar is now producing a major percentage of the Padparadscha Stones available on the market. Padparadscha Sapphires are considered among the most beautiful and valuable of the corundum gems and romantically described as the marriage between a lotus flower and a sunset.

Natural Ruby Red Stones

Natural Ruby stones are mined mainly in countries including Myanmar, Thailand, India, Pakistan, and Nepal. Additional ruby deposits can also be found in Madagascar, Macedonia, and Montana, USA and we source our Natural Stones Wholesale from many locations.
Natural Stones Wholesale                                               A Ruby Color Chart that We Created to Help Our Clients

While rubies of all qualities can be found in all mines, there are certain mines that produce more visually appealing rubies. Origin greatly affects the worth of a ruby. Hailing from the southeast Asian country of Myanmar, the Burmese Ruby, also known as the Pigeon’s Blood Ruby, proves to be visually stunning through its blood-red coloring, and therefore, the most valuable type of ruby.
Natural Stones Wholesale                           Two of Our Pear Shaped and Naturally Gorgeous Natural Burmese Ruby

The ability to glow from within almost makes these Natural Burmese Rubies appear to have a flame glowing within them and have a true red to pinkish, red color in natural lighting. This valuable combination sets Burmese rubies apart from all others within our Natural Stones Wholesale collection.
The following are many of the other Natural Semi-Precious and Natural Precious Gemstones that we provide but not all. Just ask if you don’t see the Natural Stones Wholesale in our lists, and we can provide them for you in bulk too.
Congo tourmaline natural stones                          Natural Congo Tourmaline Gems Being Prepped to Ship Out from Our Office

Natural Sky Blue Topaz, Natural Swiss Blue Topaz,  Natural Mystic Topaz, Natural Pink Topaz, Natural Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms & Rough, Natural White Topaz

Natural Amethyst, Natural Aquamarine, Natural Chalcedony, Natural Citrine, Natural Garnet, Natural Green Amethyst, Natural Iolite, Natural Labradorite, Natural Lapis Lazuli, Natural Larimar, Natural Moonstone, Natural Morganite, Natural Peridot, Natural Rhodolite Garnet, Natural Spinel, Natural Tanzanite, Natural Tsavorite, Natural Turquoise

Natural Crystal Quartz, Natural Drusy Quartz, Natural Rose Quartz, Natural Rutile Quartz, Natural Smoky Quartz

Natural Blue Sapphire, Natural Fancy Sapphire, Natural Pink Sapphire, Natural White Sapphire

Natural Black Diamonds, Natural White Diamonds

Animal Jewelry, Gold Jewelry, Pokemon Jewelry, Silver Jewelry

We also do Natural Opals Wholesale, Natural Cultured Pearls Wholesale with our Natural Stones Wholesale and as stated, we can do any known and any little known type of natural stones wholesale priced for you and in bulk.
Contact Us by clicking the link above and in whatever way is most convenient to you and we will respond promptly. Your business is important to us and we will do everything within our power to give you the best deal, honestly and faithfully. We supply natural stones wholesale worldwide and are ready to supply your business too.


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We also do Natural Australian Sapphires like Mermaid Sapphires,Parti Sapphires and Teal Sapphires with different cuts, shapes, and sizes. Also, We can do any known and any little known type of natural stones wholesale priced for you and in bulk.
Mermaid sapphires are the best example of natural stones.  Here you can check out the history of mermaid sapphires: