padparadscha sapphire

Padparadscha Sapphire

Pretty as a Peach, Padparadscha Sapphire Gems

padparadscha sapphire

Padparadscha Sapphires are the rage. Maybe you know about the Royal Family and their love for Sapphires and Kate Middleton in particular loving the more colorful gems such as the equally beautiful Padparadscha Sapphire. As you see in the photo below the  Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Rings are becoming very popular.

padparadscha sapphirePhoto of Musician (Josh Rosonet) on Instagram popping the question and with a Padparadscha Sapphire engagement ring and she said yes!!!

Have a look yourself on Instagram and Pinterest and besides Padparadscha Sapphire Steven Universe cartoon posts you’ll see many Jewelry Designers and Wedding Planners and more posting their photos of their own Padparadscha Sapphire Jewelry. This rare gem is very similar in color to the Pink Sapphire, but also includes orange hues, which means these stones vary immensely in color and tone. Sapphires do come in a variety of colors both naturally and treated (most common) and this is one of the rarest Naturally Colored Gemstones.

What is a Padparadscha Sapphire?

Though not so well known by the general public but becoming so, collectors have known about this brilliant and beautiful gem for some time. As a member of the Corundum family as are all Sapphires of course and the passionate Red Ruby and they share the hardness of 9 on the scale next to only the Diamond of a 10.


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The gorgeous colors of the Padparadscha Sapphire ranges from a salmon color with a pinkish hue to a more orange hue. Also, they tend to be unevenly colored and can have color zones with pink and yellow hints. This unique delicate to light medium tone mix of colors make the Padparadscha Sapphire and in fact must have the pink orange to orange pink hues to be called Padparadscha. You may find a slightly different shade no matter what the source and should choose carefully against other gems if used in combination jewelry.

padparadscha sapphire1.6 ct pear shaped Padparadscha Sapphire Ring by Deliqa Gems

Where does it come from?

The name Padparadscha (pronounced pad-pah-raj-ah) comes from the Sinhalese word for Lotus Blossom. Sri Lanka was the main source for many years for Padparadscha Sapphire and the only source for what’s called the most beautiful and more orange-ish tones. This gemstone is also found in Madagascar and Tanzania and are more plentiful there but are a more pinkish hue and sell generally for a lower price. Some are said to be treated to enhance the colors and let it be known that we tell all to our clients and always have. We also verify and use only Ethical Sources for our wholesale precious and semi-precious gemstones.

padpradscha sapphireThe 100.18 Ct. Padparadscha Sapphire At The American Museum Of Natural History

On Clarity and Cut

The clarity in the Pad. is important because of the light color inclusions which can be seen easily, so high clarity may need to be waived for a more brilliant colored gemstone. For most Sapphires, the more the saturation the more value but with Pad a medium saturation is most often more highly regarded. In Padparadscha Sapphire Ring or Jewelry settings choose wisely so the tone best matches the metals and other gemstones if used.

The 100.18 Carat Padparadscha Sapphire in the photo above was a rare find indeed and it is difficult to find one over 2 carats in weight and the larger are considered to be more rare. Due to this rarity however, it may be found with asymmetrical cuts because of concern to conserve as much of the Padparadscha Rough material as possible.

Padparadscha Sapphire Price

Being the rarest Sapphire on the market, they have become mostly Collector Gemstones and are often bought as quickly as they are found. The completely Natural Padparadscha Sapphires sell at the highest market price near the price of the finest Blue Sapphire or even Ruby and Emerald prices. Other factors such as size, weight, clarity, color and cut apply as usual though as mentioned in different ways with other considerations.

The Padparadscha Sapphire Meaning

You are in luck with the Padparadscha Sapphire benefits and with the Pink Sapphire you gain creativity, love, and romance, and with the White Sapphire and Orange Sapphires, you gain energy and enthusiasm. Both of these meanings are combined in the unique color hues of the Padparadscha Sapphire and with wearing it, a post fun and loving life are ahead.

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