An Introduction to Sourcing Rainbow Gems in Bangkok


Rainbow Gems

                                                       Our Sapphire Color Chart

If you were around in the Vegas Show, there was a trend that Rainbow Gems were highlighted at many locations. Pastel Colors were too old fashioned for the show and most sellers presented either a new stone or they would show their Multi Sapphires as their main show stopper, or Multi Tourmaline / Spinels. Navneet Gems was very involved in supplying some companies with Fancy Sapphires for Tennis Bracelets or even for Watches, but the trend was quiet for the past few years. This year it has seemed to pick up. For that reason this article has been written to attract buyers of Rainbow Colors of Sapphires and other gemstones.

Here is a short video of Some of Our Fancy Sapphires From our YouTube Channel

What does a Rainbow in Gems mean?

It means that every color possible is included in the Rainbow Gemstones Collection. It doesn’t mean that only primary colors are included. Creating a perfect rainbow, most importantly includes colors like Purple, Red, Blue, and these colors can be very expensive, but as we produce to only cater to this market, we don’t calculate individual colored gemstone prices which weighs down on our cost and gives our customers a competitive edge.

rainbow gems

                                                                    Our Tourmaline Color Chart

Understanding the Rainbow clearly

When people see the rainbow its quite obvious that they see all the colors but they might say only “oh we see green, red, yellow, orange, blue”; but actually all the colors of the rainbow are in there. Navneet Gems understand’s the precise colors of the rainbow. Having studied color and colored gems very precisely, Navneet, the marketing head of Navneet Gems, has passed on this skill to all the quality control and production department. “It took time to explain the skill to our Thai workers, because as they say, people either have a skill or don’t but it’s never too late to learn something new”.

Unheated Rainbow Gemstones:

Rainbow Gems                                                                                              Unheated or Natural Gemstones

Heated Bezel Set Rainbow Sapphire Gemstones:

Rainbow Gems                                                                                                     Our Rainbow Sapphire Watch Bezel

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