Colored Gems

International Tastes in Colored Gems

What Do Colored Gems Mean to You?

In our many years of experience here selling gemstones internationally, we have seen many different tastes in color, quality and price from different countries, cities and cultures. Which Colored Gems that you prefer may mean something totally different to you, and we have learned to respect your interests and reasons from very early on.
Colored Gems                                                         Red Lapis Gemstone Globe courtesy of eBay UK

As you see now, gemstones are completely a personal choice, so let’s go stone by stone, showing the most popular colored stones as examples.

Colored Gems                                        Blue Sapphires in a Tiara belonging to the British Royal Family

1. Sapphire

Light Colored Sapphires are liked more by America and India and Dark Blue Sapphires by European countries and the USSR due to the deep dark color theirs and also there is always snow in parts of Russia 24/7 and in many parts of Europe it snows, so dark colored stones keep them warm and perhaps they prefer Dark Sapphires for the stronger visual aspect. Also, the UK Princess, Queen, etc always wear Dark Blue Sapphires as their engagement ring, and everyone follows the royal weddings and the jewelry they wear and thus follows the trend. Ceylon Sapphires are loved by the Chinese because they are the “best quality” brand of Sapphires from Sri Lanka.

Colored Gems                                                         One of Our Popular Pigeon Blood Ruby Gems

2. Ruby

Our Chinese clients love the Dark Red Pigeon Blood Ruby (certified by GRS lab of course), but other countries like Pigeon Blood be open Pigeon Blood colored gems, so the Chinese preference is very different. Also, the Chinese want only 100% clean, whereas the rest of the world buys medium quality stones too. China for centuries has appreciated the spiritual, healing, and or protecting energies resident in specific colored gems.

Colored Gems                             A Famed Colombian Emerald Called the “Trapiche Emerald” from Our Stock

3. Emeralds

Colombian Emeralds are bought mainly by European countries for their brilliance and brightness. India loves the Zambian Emerald price point Emeralds mostly. The US has customers for both origins of Emeralds.

Colored Gems                                    Examples of Our Stock Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz Gems

4. Topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz is liked by most European countries, especially Italy who loves it perhaps because of the big glass brand in Venice, Murano Glass, which is also a Swiss Blue color and they have a perception of Swiss Blue Topaz as being glass. Swiss Blue Topaz is loved by all other countries whether cold or hot climate because of the colored stone’s beauty. However, the Deep Blue London Blue Topaz is loved by all European countries and by America.

topaz gemstone color chart          

America is the World’s Leading Consumer of Colored Gems and they love colored gemstones in the U.S. and many have the disposable income to buy them. We sell more colored gems in the United States than in any other country and you might guess that it is a varied and diverse mix of colored gems purchased there.

As the world’s largest consumer of colored gems, the United States is somewhat dependent upon a steady supply of stones mined mainly in other countries, though more and more are mined in the US. Yet we still supply every type of cut, quality, and color gemstones that are still needed and trending are more specific colored gems and natural gems not mined in America.

Come to us for any of your needs in colored gems in any cut, carat or quality and we will gladly you show you our expertise and knowledge in colored gems and give to the best wholesale price on your bulk order. Contact us today and expect a speedy and colorful reply from our staff.