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Semi Precious Gemstone Tiles in the Wealthiest of Styles

Natural Gemstone Tiles

Here at Navneet Gems, we can supply the suppliers with our top quality Gemstone Tiles in Labradorite, Moonstone (perfect for your Moonstone Game table), Lapis Lazuli (historically only for the rich), Malachite (classic deep green earthy tones), and in many more types of gemstone tiles. Good quality and availability are our standards, as is our low overhead resulting in low wholesale prices to you.

gemstone tiles                                                  A Marvelous Malachite Bathroom Shown on

Our cutting factory is in Kishangarh in Rajasthan, India where our natural gemstone rough comes in to us in very large pieces and is sliced into smaller gemstone tiles for natural gemstone table top types for example like a Labradorite Table Top, Malachite Table Top, Moonstone Table Top, Lapis Table Top and virtually all types of semi precious gemstone table top choices.

gemstone tiles               A Historic Lapis Lazuli Table Top in The Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The natural gemstone tiles are often used as a gemstone coffee table, or a gemstone center table, midnight tabletop or wall covering or gemstone countertop and splash guards in kitchens and baths and flooring. You can choose which gemstone tile type or design works best in your home or business for your clients. The luscious blue Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Tiles such as used on the historic table in the photo above is an example of its use as a standard of the rich and powerful and many believe in the Lapis Lazuli meaning and ancient uses for protection and wealth.

gemstone tiles                                       A Beautiful Labradorite Gemstone Tiles kitchen also on

Labradorite Gemstone Tiles are a favorite of our customers and from the luscious blue and black tones in the photo above you can see why. The complexity of this earthy gem is also used in much of the trendy bespoke jewelry nowadays. We can always help your business with photos of the available products you order from us, so that you can show them to your customers and special orders are also possible.

gemstone tiles                                    A stylish Moonstone Table Top design by

Moonstone table top is yet another intriguing design used by artists and contract builders alike. Many searches online will find the Moonstone Game and derivatives but we know from our many buyers the mystical name has nothing on the moonstone gemstone table look.As the photo above shows, with a trendy designer such as Hifigeny in France, the market is wide open for very intriguing and artistic products from our gemstone tiles.

gemstone tiles                                   White Granite Gemstone Tile Countertop photo from

Granite Gemstone tiles are also a very popular choice of gemstone tiles with our clients and have been for a long time and we produce and supply much of these hard and high quality natural gemstone tiles worldwide.

In their Market Research Report on the industry of Natural Gemstone Tiles, Grandview Research stated that:  “The construction industry in the developing countries is flourishing due to urbanization which has resulted in the shift of people from towns and villages to cities. The number of construction sites is increasing due to demand of high-rise residential buildings and redevelopment of existing buildings. This is proving to be a major driver for the tile manufacturers. There has been a considerable rise in the construction activities in the emerging economies of India, China and Brazil. Additionally, the industry’s shift due to consumer preference towards replacing metal slabs and paints with ceramic and natural stone tiles is expected to boost the market. Moreover they are available in different sizes, shapes and can be installed in various designs, which increases aesthetic value of the place where they are installed. Better standard of living in the urban areas has given rise to the trend of decorative interior designs. Their natural properties of being hard and insulating make them useful for outdoor recreational spaces. Natural stones are used widely by many interior designers in order to enhance the aesthetics of the projects they undertake…”

Our regular customers include contractors and builders for all of our gemstone tiles and of course jewelers and our wholesale pricing and quality and availability, makes it a winning combination for us all.

Navneet Gems is waiting for your contact to place your order and for any questions on a wholesale supply of our world renown gemstone tiles. Contact us today and let us supply your business too with high quality gemstone tiles and with photos or video available, of the products you choose..