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Gemstones For Tennis Bracelets

Make a Grand Slam With the Right Wholesale Gemstones for Tennis Bracelets

Gemstones for Tennis BraceletsTennis Multi-Grand Slam Winner Chris Evert

Gemstones for Tennis Bracelets

Since the 1987 US Open Tennis Match won by Chris Evert and her bracelet came off, its been known as a The Tennis Bracelet is a timeless classic with enduring appeal. Yet despite continual popularity, few people know the origins of the familiar jewelry term. The Bracelet worn by Chris Evert was a diamond bracelet which flew off during the match and she asked the referee to pause the match so she could retrieve it and did.

Tennis Bracelets and the ever popular multi colored gemstone tennis bracelets are still the rage. From then in the late 80’s and beyond, the Diamond was a common choice of gemstones for tennis bracelets and still is though other gemstones are gaining in popularity for a more colorful appeal or some subtle appeals with not so bright gems for tennis bracelets. Some colors are used creatively to contrast with Diamonds or with other colored gems.

gemstones for tennis braceletsA Harry Winston Emerald Gemstone Tennis Bracelet

The Many Choices in Design

Nowadays there are many popular choices of Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones for Tennis Bracelets other than Diamonds. Gemstones like Sapphires, Emeralds Rubies, Peridot, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Amethyst, Moonstone, Aquamarine and more.

Tennis Bracelets come in a beautiful variety of colors, owing to the wealth of gemstones available. Widths may vary but the essential style remains the same. Lightweight and flexible they use facetted, delicate stones cut for maximum refraction and ultimate sparkle. The Gemstone Tennis Bracelet style is a style of bracelet that usually contains many small stones linked together in a chain and in the design is usually a lined array of gemstones and/or Diamonds set in Silver or Gold.

Gemstones For Tennis Bracelets

Serena Williams the No. 1 Women’s Tennis Player from 2002 to 2017 in one of her Tennis Bracelets and wears Harry Winston designs and others of well-known Designers

With the master level of talents of our cutters of our Gemstones for Tennis Bracelets in our 2 factories, we can do virtually any cut and on bulk wholesale jewelry orders too for your designs.  For many years, we have been supplying many regular clients across the globe with Wholesale Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones for Tennis Bracelets and of course for other jewelry they design.

Why wear Tennis Bracelets?

Bracelets are “A Right to Say Farewell to Empty or Bare Arms”. Your arms are out there and most of the time they are moving around, drawing attention and are one of the first things noticed. So, you are trusting your arms to make a first impression for you. Help them out by adding a bracelet that draws attention.

Your bracelet will be seen and it’s going to say something about you. Fortunately, your selection of gemstones for tennis bracelets spans the spectrum from one magnificent end to the other. The fun is in finding out which ones you like most. Some days, you may want flashy jewel encrusted pieces for your wrist and other days want simply to blend in and play a role in completing your overall ensemble. You’ll may also find everything else in-between.

Multi Sapphire Lined for a Rainbow Tennis Bracelet/Watch or other jewelry from our Navneet Gems YouTube Channel.

Also, do you know that the birthstone for people who were born in September is Sapphire? On the other hand, the “Zodiac Stone” of Taurus people is Sapphire as well and they now are very popular gemstones for tennis bracelets and alternatives for diamonds.


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