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Different Unique Uses of Gemstones Wholesale

Gemstones! As the word comes to mind, most people usually think of jewelry. Jewelry like necklaces, rings, bangles, bracelets, anklets, fashion accessories, etc. BUT, do you know that there are so many other uses of gemstones apart from gemstone jewelry? As we all heard, archeologists have found so many things made of gemstones while digging ancient civilizations like dolls, cups, dishes, keys, locks, idols, show-pieces, some engraved gems, etc. So, we can say that gemstones are one of the most integral parts of our lives since ancient times beginning of civilizations. Even our great ancestors used to have gemstones as an integral part of their daily lives.

 1. Gifting Gemstones wholesale

If it’s just not jewelry, then what are Gemstones uses, and how to use them? The answer is, you can always gift gemstones to your close ones, to someone important, to someone we value as gems, to someone important to us who wouldn’t like a gemstone as a token of your love. Gems are widely in use to glitter our attires. You can use them in your clothes, like in our your wedding dresses or your casual dresses as buttons of jeans or the shirt, you can decorate your homes with gemstones, you can use gemstone tiles in your house to enhance the beauty of it, you can even use gemstones to decorate your houses such as in a Feng Shui tree or chandeliers. Are you ready to discuss the uses of gemstones we are talking about? So, here we go.

If now you are thinking of something unique, you want your loved ones should possess, a gift, made of gemstone, is a “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” i.e. extraordinarily good option that should not be jewelry. An occasion like a birthday or anniversary or any other precious moment could be a very beautiful and sensuous gift.

According to researcher Margaret Rucket, a consumer psychologist at the University of California, David Margaret, says that women are pretty much concerned about emotional attachment involved in process of giving and receiving gifts with emotional significance. Quoted a quote from the NY Times, “Gemstones are one of those gifts that actually have a meaning.” There are different various kinds of gemstones, some are precious, some are semi-precious and some are not expensive but they look exquisitely fascinating, some fancy looking.
Gifting Ideas with Gemstones
Gemstone Gifts
Gemstone wholesale gift items
For example, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, the best gift for your beloved Mom would be a ruby and in or a semi-precious gemstone-like morganatic or tanzanite or a topaz gemstone, etc. But, if you get it crafted in something else than jewelry, it would be a nice surprise for her. You can buy an emerald, get it carved with your mother’s name on it, and embedded it in a keychain or mobile back cover our next unique way of Gemstone uses. It is not necessary that the gift has to be expensive.

There are so many economical options available for gemstones and crystals in the market which can be procured for your gift. Most important thing is that the gift should be treasurable and memorable. There are many other places where gemstones uses are worthy and you can gift them away. Like a wall clock, embedded with gemstones and crystals can be gifted to your friends and family by you. You can even gift a beautiful wall clock to yourself if you like that so much. Buzzing.

2. Mobile cover with Gemstones

A mobile back cover could be an admirable option if you gift it to your girlfriend or fiancé. She will remember you whenever she will use her phone. Fascinate about a Mobile back cover, printed on her favorite flower embedded with a dazzling heart-shaped Ruby carved with your and her name on it and you gift it to her on her birthday or your anniversary. How romantic it would be. If you are looking for expensive gemstones wholesale, make sure that you buy them according to their zodiac sign or birthstone if you are astrological.

Mobile cover with wholesale gemstone
An eye frame embedded with Tanzanite or Morganite or a beautiful Zircon would be a lovable gift for your mother or father on their birthdays or anniversary. It may sparkle the eyes of your mother or father. A keychain made of Citrine or Topaz to your younger brother, a photo frame made of Tourmaline or Turquoise engraved with a lovely message. You can present a memento to your friends made of Opal or Peridot as a reminder of your friendship. A gemstone Globe will be perfect for your nerd youngest. Wind chimes could be a beautiful gift to reduce the negative energy from the house. These could be beautiful gifts for your loved ones. Whatever the gift would be, it should send the message to your loved ones that you love them and care for them.

3. Wedding dresses with Gemstones

Winter is coming. Autumn has half gone. Weddings are on their boom. This brings us to our 3rd most unique way of Gemstone Uses. Let’s say this is a wedding season. What different you can do to your wedding? The best seasons for weddings are winter and autumn. This is one of those precious occasions where you can use the gemstones in your wedding dress to create a magnificent aura as a bride or gemstone cufflinks, gemstone buttons for your jacket if you are groom, yes you got the idea. You can do a number of different things with your wedding dress. No matter what you are wearing, a surprising Princess Dress or a delicate Princess Dress, spectacular romantic Mermaid Dress, or sophisticated Mermaid Dress, there is always room for gemstones and crystals to make it more beautiful for you. The property of gemstones and crystals is to reflect the light. They can improve the shine on your dress on your special day.
Wedding dress with gemstones wholesale
A bridal dress is a key attraction in a wedding. More than 93% of the people in a wedding talk about the wedding dress of bride and groom. Social media is full of comments if you search for wedding dresses. Approximately 32% of the people comment on the photos of the dress. Their comments include “this is beautiful”, “colors are awesome”, “I envy you”, “this suits you great”, etc.
Research on Gemstone wholesale dress
So, this becomes most important that you choose the wedding dress which silhouette looks good on you and you can use gemstones however you want. You can use them in any shape or size and multi-colored gemstones and crystals in a dress. Color combination is a very important aspect so, you need to choose carefully how to steal the show. To make it perfect, you better ask the help of an expert.
Gemstone dress comments
Here are some most famous designers who use finished gemstones in their designs exquisitely. Some of them are Marchesa (post-York-based, world-renowned Wedding dress designer), Ines Di Santo (born in Italy, moved to Toronto), Renee Strauss (renowned for stunning work with gemstones),  Yumi Katsura (Japanese fashion designer), Vera-Ellen Wang (former figure skater, based in post-York), Sarah Burton (English fashion designer, renowned for designing the exquisite wedding dress for Duchess of England, her highness Kate Midilton) and Mauro Adami (renowned for handwork and gemstones in wedding dresses).

This is an absolute truth that we all wear clothes and we need to fasten them with something. One of the most important inventions is the button. This is another unique way to use gemstones in your day-to-day life. Yeah, right. Gemstones can enhance your allure if you are wearing a gemstone as a button in your jeans, shirt, in a suit, or an evening gown. They can be made out of anything from bones and horns to crystals and ceramics to gemstones cabochons. Do not underestimate buttons, type #Cufflinksformen #Buttons on your Instagram and you’ll know. They are a very important part of your attire. Different types of buttons can explain your likes and your personality differently.

You can use them as collectibles. Diminutive buttons, large buttons, modern/vintage buttons, or military buttons are in a class by themselves. In every cloth choice, you can decorate gemstone cabochon buttons and make them look well. Carving some design or your name on it could be beautiful customization to the next level. This wonderful embellishment can allow you to steal the thunder of your group.

4. Gemstone Tiles

We welcome you to the fourth most common but unique way of using gemstone omen on an everyday basis. Gemstone tiles can perfectly symbolize your beauty and convey the stylish, elegant, and modern image of your house’s flooring. There is a wide range of gemstone tiles available in the market. These gemstones are eminently good-looking and conspicuous. If you use these semi-precious gemstone tiles in your home then you can feel stress-free because these are extremely stout and deliver richness to your home.

A great advantage to go for gemstone tiles is they are eco-friendly because they directly come from Mother Earth without wasting much material like how Bulk tumbled cabochons or Facetted gems would waste. This would show your love for Mother Nature. Gemstone tiles include Agate Tiles, Tumbled Stones Tiles, Crystal Quartz Tiles, Amazonite Tiles, Labradorite Tiles, Amethyst Tiles, Petrified Wood Tiles and there are many more. Different colors are available in desired shapes and designs.

5. Gemstone trees
Gemstone wholesale trees

Another amazing thing where gemstones can be used which is not jewelry is Gemstone Trees. Gemstone trees are widely used in this world. People relate it with Feng Shui. Well, that’s true. Feng Shui gemstone trees come with a type of specific gemstone to define its particular use. Different varieties of gemstones are used for different purposes like if a Citrine gem is used for wealth, then a Jade gem is used for health and prosperity, rose quartz is used for love and romance, a colorful mixed gem tree would be an excellent choice for children and enhance creativity. Not every gemstone needs to have a good effect. There are some gemstones which have lack the required energy to get benefit from a Feng Shui gemstone tree. Synthetic crystals are the example of less positive energy to be used as a gemstone tree.

 6. Gemstone Chandeliers
Malachite chandeliers

Why stick with only one use of gemstones when you can use them in many different places? Are these uses of gemstones, apart from the jewelry, enough for you? No? Then here is another one, exclusively for you. Who won’t like a gemstone chandelier in their house? Ahhh…. Hmm…Having a gemstone chandelier in your house shows that you do not easily satisfy with diminutive things.

Believe me, there is a whole manufacturing industry that industrializes these Gemstone chandeliers because the elite has a want for it, this industry is mostly in India and China. This art is very delicate and performed by only skilled artisans. This art is conscientiously hand-blown. There is a special technique that allows the light to spread equally from each gemstone or crystal to provide maximum illumination and uncompromising beauty. Gemstone chandeliers adorn richness to your house. Wondering how much these cost?

7. Gemstone Paintings

How Gemstone paintings are made

We bet we can’t stop talking about the uses of gemstones apart from jewelry and here is another one. Gemstone paintings and their frames. Gemstone paintings are made of precious or semi-precious gemstones. You can use other less expensive gemstones wholesale as well. This is a very delicate work and is only done by the hands of highly skilled artisans. No machinery is used in this work. The history of the gemstone paintings is more than two hundred years. It is said that it started from Rajasthan state, which is in India.

In the present era, these are widely used in the Gemstone capital of the world, Bangkok. Different gemstones can be used to reflect the mood. Amethyst, Citrine, Peridot, Onyx, Turquoise, Lapis, Rose Quartz, Garnet, Pearl, Moonstone, Amber, Aquamarine, and many more are the most common gemstones. One of the most unique aspects of these Gemstone paintings is that they are absolutely so environmentally friendly. Instead of leaving all the Gemstone industry’s garbage after cleaning as it is, the leftover material has found its home. Their homes are in these Gemstone paintings, where the leftover gems material is crushed into fine powder by crushing machines to be finally glued and converted into a Gemstone painting.

All these other uses will leave your mouth open and you will just say “wow” for this. Come out from your shades and think distinctively. You will be proud of your decision. Don’t take my advice, go and see yourself. You can visit a gemstones wholesale shop and ask them to show you what you are looking for. They will introduce you to the whole post world of gemstones. Of course, they will think you are buying it for Jewelry, but only you know the demon inside you wants to use that Gemstone for something totally different. Find a suitable shop where you can buy gemstones wholesale at a reasonable price and go visit them. You can also search for gemstones for sale online to get an idea of what’s out there. It will open endless options for you to find the best place to buy loose gemstones. There is another very exciting but (not post enough to be posted here) way of using gemstones which are Wholesale gemstone watches.

See, the whole point to writing about the unique uses of gemstones apart from the jewelry is to make you realize that sky is the limit of everything. You can make anything out of nothing. More than 60% of the world population thinks that there are only two types of gemstones – precious and semi-precious. More than 30% know that there are more than 1,000+ varieties in gemstones. 5% of the people think that they can do better than jewelry from gemstones. The rest are doing this for you. So, we believe that this is our responsibility to spread awareness about the uses of gemstones where you can use them, hoping this keeps some eyes wide open. You can also think out of the box and find a use for you which suits you best.

In particular, Teal sapphires and Parti Sapphires, these types of sapphires represent the blue-green and yellow variety of sapphires that come from other sources such as Madagascar, Montana, and also Thailand. Teal sapphire is the sapphire color of 2020.

Our latest colored sapphires from Africa (Mermaid Sapphires from Madagascar to the Teal Sapphires from Nigeria and finally to the blue sapphires of Ceylon). One of the uses of gemstones is for collectors like this 10+ carat total weight blue sapphire pair:


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 Now you know how to use lose gemstones creatively and we know your curiosity of “where to find them?” well that’s a big question with very simple answers, go to the internet and search it, gemstone gift ideas for loved ones, you can check it online and choose the best place to buy loose gemstones. When you find one, you can even buy them at wholesale prices. Buy loose gemstones wholesale and use them according to you, wherever you want, however you want.