Worlds rarest gemstone – It took us 23 years to show.

We have seen the post talk about Red Beryl, Blue Diamond, and any more rare gemstones. However, today we would like to present to you the true world’s rarest gemstone, not in terms of price but terms of the quantity, again not value, but in terms of volume.


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 Topaz is not regarded as an expensive gemstone, for the reason that, it’s abundant in the mines. There is more than 100,000 ton + topaz out there. That is 500,000,000,000+ carats. Out of these, we find these very very rare colored topaz (not colorless like you might be standardly thinking) but rather, colored topaz, in the natural form on the earth’s surface. Not heated, Not radiated, 100% natural earth mined.

Fancy topaz world's rarest gemstone
Our company is 23 years in the gemstone business and so far we have been able to collect 200+ carats of these rare fancy colored topaz stones. The intensity of the color resembles fancy diamonds.
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Brilliant Square Fancy Yellow Topaz Peach topaz worlds rare gemsYellow topaz rare gemstone Natural Blue topaz
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