Rainbow Sapphire watch

Wholesale gemstone to the watch industry – from Thailand

Introduction to the gemstone watch industry

The watch industry is all about passion and branding. Usually, watches and Jewelry are talked about together because they are classified as the same category: Luxury. Watches are worn usually as a lifestyle option or a status signal. If someone wears a Cartier, their lifestyle and status is looking upon accordingly. In today’s article we will discuss all Gemstone’s role in the watch industry to reflect on Gemstone watches and also slightly on how to distinguish your watch business by the use of natural gemstones.

The use of gemstones is quite clear in the watch industry. There are several uses of the gemstone itself for the watchmakers. Some of the uses of gemstones in these gemstone watches are:

1. Teal Sapphire Watch:

Teal Sapphire Baguettes
Melee sizes : 4×3, 3×2, 4×2
Origin: Australian

Teal Sapphire Watch
               Teal sapphires that we made for a watch company client 2022

2. Gemstones around the watch dial as small stones, most commonly used as Bagettes, Rounds, or Squares (Tappered and normal squares). According to research and our 23 years old experience, sapphires are the #1 selling gemstones as stones around the watch dials.

wholesale stainless steel watches
Multi sapphire creating a rainbow color watch gemstone dial

3. Watch the dials themselves being made of a Gemstone.

Gemstone Dial For Watches
4. The crown of the watch (part which is being used to change the time of the watch)

There are some other creative ways to use gemstones but due to copyright reasons, we are not allowed to disclose other creative ways of using the gemstones. We totally respect the NDA’s we sign in support of Navneet Gems’ CSR habit.
According to VOGUE, the recent Basel show in 2017, some of the watches that stood out were:

  • The Happy Diamonds watch by Chopar, which has a mother of pearl face. The rarity of these gemstone watches stand in the availability: only 150 available, limited edition.

Mother of pearl watch Chopard

  • Le Marche des Merveilles watch by Gucci, which has a 100% natural gemstone malachite face. The beauty lies in its color, the natural malachite of this size is a difficult and rare gemstone itself due to the big size of this gemstone.

Gucci Malachite watch
One of the reasons why Gemstone watches with dials of being of gemstones can make your watch company stand out is because the Gemstones of this dial size are rare. According to Navneet Gem’s research, 99.70% of the gemstone jewelry consists of gemstones that are below 15 mm. This data was gathered by the help of studying 773 pieces of jewelry and coming up with a 99.70% figure. The reason is natural gemstones are easy to find in rough form for the smaller sizes on a general note. So if these gemstone watches have dials that are 25 mm or above, those are rare dinosaurs. So, one of the ways to separate your watch brand is by having one of these rare gemstones in your collection to separate yourself from the crowd.

Introduction to Navneet Gems

Navneet Gems and Minerals is a manufacturer of fine gemstones from Bangkok, Thailand. Our 23 years of experience in the manufacturing field helps us provide consistent products to our watch customers all over the world including Switzerland, Italy, the USA, China, and Thailand. Precise gemstone cutting is all about understanding precision well. Very professionally skilled cutters, a very strong QC team, and very accurate and modern cutting equipment make us one of the best wholesale gemstone suppliers for your watch brand. We are blessed being in Bangkok, where there are skilled cutters available, dedicated staffs who don’t like incomplete work, and robotic minds helps us do the same thing again and again; maintain quality.

The whole reason why Switzerland sells very high-quality watches, especially ruby watches, multi sapphire watches, gemstone watches is that the watches are precise time tellers. Thus they need the precise stones to match with it. We have done many projects for Tennis Bracelets where multi sapphire gemstones are very commonly used. Those high-end jewelry manufacturers started buying watch dials with precisely cut gemstones from us for the industry in 2006.

Our quality (tolerances and quality control)

Navneet Gems’ quality of gemstones if famous for its precision in the Watch industry. The reason is that we are able to make very precise tolerances during the gemstone cutting. Most of the watch manufacturers who come to us have problems with the precision of the gemstones that they were sourcing, our precise cutters, make the perfect rounds, perfect squares, with tolerances for some projects gone to as low as 0.00 mm, wondering how we did this? Trial and error and machine manufacturing.

staff at navneet gems  

Quality control team at Navneet Gems for the Watch industry is the strongest in the world; comparable to those of Cartier and Bulgari. We use a x10, x20 loupe for most projects, where we have pulled off almost impossible projects. A recent project at Navneet Gems involved doing a “color gradient” of ruby to pink sapphires, which is by the way when our team created this divide between ruby and sapphire infographic, have a look below.

Earlier in 2016, we did another project which involved Princess cut squares in Pigeon blood. Difficult, yes. But we had the room of Pinkish Red to Pigeon blood red window, where we managed to stay within this range for every single piece hand-selected. This would convince you that we know the precision level we work with. We understand color, that’s where our heart lies.

We are capable of producing all gemstones from Opaque stones like Lapis, malachite, moonstone, mother of pearl up to higher-end semiprecious stones like Tsavorites, tourmalines, aquamarine, and many more. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@navneetgems.com, we are capable of producing any size, any shape, any quantity. The only problem with us is that we ARE consistent.

Ruby & Sapphire 6x3 baguettes for the watch industry


Bangkok has many major watch company buyers already set up since the start of this century. This is the perfect place to source your wholesale gemstone watches for your brand, our company only promises what we can do. We don’t like to play around with expectations too much. Don’t believe us, you will believe these 26 wholesale customers’ reviews on the Trust pilot here. https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.navneetgems.com