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Is it Smarter to Buy Gemstones in Thailand?

Buy Gemstones in Thailand

Many Jewelry Manufacturers, Jewelry Designers, Gemstone Collectors and regular Gemstone buyers know that it is smarter to buy your precious and semi-precious gemstones on Thailand. Why is this? They know it’s cheaper to buy top quality Sapphires, Emeralds and Rubies and all other gemstones here and the reasons are below.

Many Cuts and Colors at Navneet Gems


Thailand is a gemstone deposits rich country that is centered amongst other countries also rich in gemstone deposits too. With all the availability, right around home it is cheaper to acquire and therefore cheaper to sell. Those who source gemstones here and from other areas and sell in bulk at wholesale, lower your price even more.


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Also, nearby are many other countries such as the world-renowned jewelry and gemstone market of India and the country of Sri Lanka where many of the most beautiful gemstones are mined. Many other countries are accessible from Bangkok easily and the Thai government is helping to make it easier to buy gemstones in Thailand by removing tariffs to bring raw gemstone material into the country and even waving taxes for the foreign buyers who buy gemstones in Thailand.

Buy Gemstones in Thailand

The Cuts are Done Here by Experts,

The country of Thailand has been home to many generations of Thai master jewelry and gemstone artisans and is a cutting hub for all types of gemstones. Thai craftsmen are considered to be the world’s experts in the cutting of Burmese Rubies and Thai Sapphires as well as all other gems with precision.

The Treatments are Processed Here,

With the known process of producing the deepest hues and brightest most desired gemstones, treatments are a necessary step. Heat treatment and irradiation and other treatments. These treatments are done to increase color and/or clarity in Sapphires and Topaz and others, to glass fill Rubies, oil Emeralds or create lower cost Yellow Sapphires all as required by the market.

Thailand is also home to many experts in these treatments and use the latest methods and equipment and processes. When you buy gemstones in Thailand, be sure to ask if it is a natural or treated gem and ask for a certificate or acquire one from a local lab to verify if you like. Businesses like ours will always disclose what was done in the process and many are as ked for by the clients themselves who know the increase in value from it.

A video on how to identify glass filled ruby

Bangkok is the World’s Gemstone Hub

Silom Bangkok Thailand is where nearly all gemstones pass through either for selling here or for treatment or for cutting and manufacturing from the raw material in factories like ours here in Bangkok (and in ours in Chantaburi, Thailand).  This is where many buy gemstones in Thailand.

The Jewelry Trade Center is a mega structure and 59 story tower full of Retail and Wholesale Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones. Many small to large Gemstone and Jewelry Businesses are housed here as well as smaller factories and the offices of many companies like ours as Wholesale Gemstone Suppliers. You will also find gemstone testing labs within the complex to have your purchases tested and certified if you like.

Surrounding the Jewelry Trade Center Tower are many other Gemstone and Jewelry businesses both small and large. Along Silom road and in the surrounding area you will see many signs for local shops and the larger buildings and all nestled among other trendy restaurants, stores, hotels and clubs.

Silom BangkokBangkok city at sunset, Mahanakorn Tower, Silom area, Bangkok, Thailand by Thailand Property

Buying your Wholesale Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones in Thailand.

To lower your costs and expenses, everyone knows it is best to buy in bulk either to stock up or because you need a larger amount for your business. We have many processes in place of acquiring our raw gemstones and manufacturing gemstones form it. With a Jaipur India Gemstone and Jewelry Manufacturing Plant, and a Chantaburi, Thailand Gemstone and Jewelry Manufacturing Plant and a small factory in our main office here in the Jewelry Trade Center Tower, we lower our costs dramatically and pass that savings on to you.


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Visit us here in our office on the 31st floor at JTC Tower in Silom, Bangkok or Contact Us through the link above in the Menu Bar and we will respond to your inquiry or order promptly. Let us show you how we can save you money and give you the best quality of gemstones when you buy gemstones in Thailand.