Glass filled Ruby

Wholesale Glass filled Ruby

Wholesale Glass-filled Ruby

Who are we?

We are Navneet Gems from Thailand, a genuine supplier, and manufacturer of Wholesale glass-filled ruby made as per specifications by qualified/certified gemologists. We have been in the industry in Thailand for a long time. Navneet Gems was founded in 1993 and stems from roots well before that within the Agarwal family. Yes, we are a family business and our priority is to live and do business with honesty and integrity. And to do our heritage proud so that our valued clients know that they have a partner they can trust.


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Thailand and Rubies

Thailand was the first country to start the treatment of natural ruby, many other countries like China and India are selling counterfeit rubies or composite rubies. We have all sizes and shapes in stock. Basically, round, oval, square, and cushion are preferred shapes but we do manufacture all shapes to order and we stock as much as possible too. We sell big sizes for rings, earrings, and pendants and selling mixed lots as well.  We are producing and selling from regular faceted normal cuts to cabochons to all fancy shapes that you require.

Let’s briefly explain what a “Glass-filled Ruby” actually is:

At face value, the process to create a lead glass-filled ruby seems to be pretty much the same as other precious and semi-precious gemstones.  They use heat and a substance to alter the color and fill the fractures that exist in the stone.  This creates a more transparent, eye-clean, brighter gem that resembles a more expensive ruby.

Terms you need to know

Heat Treatment The most common of the treatments.  It is done to enhance the color and/or clarity of the ruby.  This is used both alone and with fracture filling.

Fracture Filling:  A substance is usually heated and flowed into fissures in the stone to increase durability. High heat is used to promote a solid bonding of the post material to the original.

A few pointers

The basic criteria in the market these days is to judge the quality of the glass-filled ruby’s clarity and color. Well, it shouldn’t only be this, it should also be judged by the percentage of lead glass present in the piece. That is why there are some price variations within different suppliers. If there is a lead glass component above a certain percentage (decided by a gemologist association) then it is considered imitation.

(This is a very sensitive topic because it’s almost impossible to practically test these rubies for % of glass in it (as they are inexpensive, but being a graduate gemologist can help you understand the % better, (which is why the H1, H2, H3 are the 3 categories by which the Expensive single pieces are tested by Labs to make sure they don’t have high Lead glass fill % and no one can justify the right or the wrong glass fill/imitation) The buyer should always take care and know what to look for when buying glass-filled rubies. Some properties differ between imitation and naturally treated ruby. A glass-filled ruby will have a glassy appearance (With some inclusions if present), would be quite fragile, and unusually big in size, and the unexpected color is quite common.

Can These Rubies be damaged? & How can they be damaged?

The answer to the first question is yes. Secondly, Heat and chemicals are the most likely causes of damage to the treated ruby.  Regular heat that a consumer would come in contact with should pose no threat. Jewelers however can destroy the treatment completely if they try to use a torch around a ruby with lead glass filling.  Acidic or harsh chemicals are likely to remove the filling and color.  For a jeweler, this is usually when a final acid bath is given to the ring to remove solder flux and other coatings in the repair process.  For the everyday person, it could be lemon juice or other household cleaners. Common jewelry cleaning solutions can also damage this treatment causing the stone to crack and fall apart. None of these are usually issues for regular ruby treatments.

Fast Facts

  • Natural, synthetic quenched-crackled corundum’s may be the starting material
  • Rubies to 120+carats are now available at the market at low prices
  • This treatment is not 100% stable
  • Glass-filled rubies are easily identified
  • Glass-filled rubies are re-treatable with beryllium and other undisclosed methods

The picture below are the concentrated Ruby mining areas around the world.
world map of ruby regions

Ruby Commercial ovals
semi-opaque glass filled oval rubies

Above – semi-opaque glass filled oval rubies
Below – is the top row we have semi-opaque glass-filled round rubies, they are redder, in the bottom row we have semi-transparent glass-filled round rubies.

Above-semi opaque glass-filled, pear-shaped rubies
heart shaped glass filled ruby
Above- Heart-shaped, glass-filled rubies

The Wholesale Glass Filled Rubies that we at Navneet gems have readily available to supply you with are:
Calibrated sizes
Rounds – 2 mm; 3 mm; 4 mm; 5 mm; 6 mm.
Squares – 2 mm; 3 mm; 4 mm; 5 mm; 6 mm.
Cushions – 2 mm; 3 mm; 4 mm; 5 mm; 6 mm.
Heart – 2 mm; 3 mm; 4 mm; 5 mm; 6 mm.
Trillion – 2 mm; 3 mm; 4 mm; 5 mm; 6 mm.
The Dimensions we have in the below shapes are :
Ovals – 4×3 mm; 5×3 mm; 5×4 mm; 6×4 mm; 6×4.75 mm; 8×6 mm.
Pears – 4×3 mm; 5×3 mm; 5×4 mm; 6×4 mm; 6×4.75 mm; 8×6 mm
Octagons – 4×3 mm; 5×3 mm; 5×4 mm; 6×4 mm; 6×4.75 mm; 8×6 mm.
We have various colors and shades which are:
Low Opaque – Pinkish to brownish
Medium Opaque – Pinkish to Red
High Opaque – Red,  shades of red
ruby technical information and facts

Glass-filled Rubies differ substantially in value from natural Rubies, However, they can still be beautiful additions to jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. We at Navneet Gems are here to fulfill all your wholesale glass-filled ruby needs. Not only do we supply and manufacture wholesale glass-filled ruby but we do also have many other gemstone varieties too. From Semi-precious ( ) to Precious gems ( don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via email  with any queries or questions you might have. We will also be happy to share our knowledge and advise you honestly regarding all your wholesale needs.
Check out this video we created:

We are mostly known for sapphires, but our factory cuts very small melee size fine round & square-cut rubies for all sizes and mostly go out for client custom order, like these Mozambique cut rubies. The process of cutting Ruby is quite difficult, especially color matching, size matching, quality (clarity) matching and a perfect heating process that we have put lots of years of research and development into this Thai controlled process.