Vintage Gemstone Jewelry

Vintage Gemstone Jewelry Still Alive Today

Vintage Gemstone Jewelry, Alive and Thriving

Who doesn’t love the classics and what castle treasure room would be complete if not full of gold coins and classic vintage gemstone jewelry. Just as Kings, Queens, Moguls and Emperors of ancient times and even now know, it’s all about the bling, in layers… Celebrities are wearing vintage styled jewelry and many top designers are using the old styles to bring post smiles.

Vintage Gemstone JewelryA beautiful ring creation from our traditional artisans.

Jewelry has always been and always will be a part of mankind and true to our hearts. Formally jewelry was about the representation of status and wealth. It is now a part of everyday life and love for nearly everyone. Many wear and give it to express their love in engagement rings, marriages or just for the love of jewelry. The Celebrities and even current Royalty undoubtedly still wear the family heirlooms and post vintage designs.

From Harry Winston to Cartier to Bvlgari using their classic vintage jewelry styles along with post beautiful creations. Layered with precious gems and pure gold, silver and platinum and all colorful but perfect mixes of Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Sapphires.

These Names and others resonate in the Jewelry Industry:

Harry Winston designs, known for using only the very best gemstones and finest metals and fashioned by their expert artisans, fuse the old world styles with post designs.

Vintage Gemstone JewelryThe Mrs Harry Winston Diamond Necklace

Cartier creating their classic Panther Jewelry melding styles of the old days in today’s crafty creations. This French high end designer surely helps to persuade the masses especially locally, as you see such vintage and antique jewelry reproduction in many fine designs by French Jewelry Designers. These you can also view on Instagram (including fine French jewelers and designers that we supply with high quality wholesale precious and semi-precious gems such as Myrtille Beck Paris).

Vintage Gemstone JewelryThe classic yet post Panther design from Cartier

Bvlgari is indeed well known as a brand of fine luxury jewelry. This Rome, Italy based lux brand combines true elegance and extravagance very well in post designs, without losing its penchant for traditional design. Still today, Bulgari’s collection flaunts the house’s signature design features including large gemstones for the centerpieces and the use of cabochon stones as tradition. Aside from the best gemstones, Bulgari only uses pure 18-karat gold for its collection.

vintage gemstone jewelrySssssizling with style and classss is the Bulgari Sssnake Desssign

While vintage gemstone jewelry designs may not be for everyone, it is a never-ending story of true love and tradition for many and a post trend for others. We love to see the designs of our clients and really appreciate the use of the fine precious and semi-precious gemstones that we supply them with, in their work.

We are a wholesale gemstone supplier primarily and also create and manufacture gemstone jewelry in our 2 locations, our Chantuburi, Thailand Gemstone and Jewelry Factory and Jaipur, India Gemstone and Jewelry Factory. Some of our work is seen in the first photo and here below and you can see vintage gemstone jewelry persuasion in some of our designs as well.

Our work is only done in bulk orders and at wholesale prices and we have expert artisans in both locations and in our main office here in Bangkok and the Thai traditional craftsmanship, as well as the India traditional craftsmanship, have a part in that. They also do much precision work by the requirements and designs of our clients when needed, fusing tradition and narrative styles with artistic expertise.

vintage gemstone jewelryAnother Vintage Gemstone Jewelry Tiger Ring by our expert craftsmen and craftswomen

We await your inquiry and look forward to communicating with you when you are ready to use our quality wholesale precious and semi-precious gemstones in your vintage gemstone jewelry or even order your jewelry designs through us in bulk. Contact Us through the Link in the Menu bar and we will reply to you promptly with answers to your request.

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