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Who Buys From a Bulk Crystals and Gemstones Supplier

Bulk Crystals and Gemstones Supplier

We have many devoted long-term clients around the world including in the USA and in Russia and Europe and Asia. In some cases, even our sources buy from us for what they do not mine. From larger to small but busy Jewelry Manufacturers, Jewelry Designers and Jewelry and Gemstone Collectors are our primary buyers and even local businesses buy wholesale crystals and bulk loose gemstones from us here in Bangkok. We specialize in fine-quality bulk gemstones for jewelry in either rough or polished forms.

Coated Pink topaz Pink Sapphires from Our Stock.       

The Meaning of Sapphire Crystal or the metaphysical benefits of Sapphire Crystal including Pink Sapphire is that it provides good luck, fame, and wealth as well as being used as a healing stone in the past. Sapphire is also the September Birthstone.

Our Long Term Clients

Our regular long-term clients are from all different areas and regimens and expect their monthly shipments on time and all in proper order as to their specifications. We take pride in our work and our ability to keep our wholesale prices low from rough to polished to shipped and in the hands of our customers. Another thing we take pride in and enjoy our photos sent to us or on Instagram of gemstone jewelry made from our gemstones and occasionally gifted back to us by our clients. We encourage our clients to share the final jewelry products made from our bulk rough gemstones and bulk loose gemstones. This keeps our wholesale gemstone team on its toes to consistently maintain the high-quality product that has procured us our long-term clients in the market.

bulk crystals and gemstones supplier
A Swiss Blue Topaz Pendant. The meaning of Topaz or benefits of Topaz Crystal are that it provides calm and protection and courage and wisdom. Topaz is also considered the November birthstone along with Citrine.

We Love Marketing

Through our busy website and our Social Media outlets and of course, the Jewelry and Gemstone Trade Shows that we attend in Bangkok, Tokyo, Tucson, and wherever, is where we connect with many post buyers of our Wholesale Crystals and Gemstones in Bulk and work to supply them with what they need in quality quantity and with expert cuts and shapes from our expert craftsmen and craftswomen. Bulk crystals in the rough are the perfect medium for both jewelers and craftsmen to practice their art on. This often leads to finished gemstones of exceptional quality that are extremely popular with our esteemed clientele.

With our website content both on the Wholesale Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstone product pages and in these articles in our gemstone post section and our YouTube Channel, we give qualified information to help you and our clients know the differences in qualities and in the treatment processes of some gems and more general knowledge to help you and to protect you in the gemstones market. The owner of Navneet Gems is a GIA Carlsbad Graduate Gemologist and ready to help you with knowledge and advice. He is available by email for giving you a personal recommendation on your purchase. He will also guide you through current market trends and advise you on your investment in bulk gemstones for jewelry.  Find out more about us and our gemstone expertise.

One major concern while buying bulk crystals and wholesale gemstones are to figure out how to differentiate between genuine and glass-filled gemstones. How to Check For Glass Filled Rubies from our YouTube Channel.

How to Check For Glass Filled Rubies from our YouTube Channel

Starting Out

Starting in Jaipur, India as a Bulk Crystals and Gemstones Supplier with 1 factory and with 3 generations of knowledge intact, we grew to more international clients to supply and moved our main office to Germany and then to here in Bangkok, Thailand and opened a second factory in Chantaburi, Thailand. Our Bangkok office also houses a small finishing factory and we ship all of our products from our factories to here and after final inspection and sorting according to quality we choose the best for the customer and take photographs of the gemstones for the clients and then ship them. The shipping services we use, are the most reliable and the most economical and all very convenient to our location. The whole chain is a secure process, ensuring no adulteration or mishandling or product at any step.

bulk crystals and gemstones supplier

Peridot Rough for Some Beautiful Gemstone Cuts. Peridot meaning and benefits are that it can stimulate the mind and awaken more awareness and can help you to realize your true destiny. Peridot is termed to be the August Birthstone.

Our Factories have been and still are updated when needed with the latest technologies and equipment and our skilled workers are very able to adapt and make the best use of all of it. In our business you evolve or you regress and finding post ways to save money for our manufacturing and shipping and for all of our services saves you money too. Thus increasing the overall efficiency of our production units is beneficial to us and our clients both. We have been able to maintain our reputation as one of the most trusted source of bulk rough gemstones and bulk finished gemstones as we are constantly upgrading our knowledge and equipment to be at par with international standards.

Bulk Crystals and Gemstones Supplier

Fancy Spinels Ready for Sorting. The meaning of Spinel Crystal and the benefits of Spinel are said that it provides energy and vitality for the wearer and is also a wealth and prosperity crystal. Spinel is also the postest addition as the August Birthstone.

Ethical Sourcing

One of the most prominent factors moving the sale of gemstones, both bulk and single piece today is sourcing. Gemstone mining, especially diamonds, has gained notoriety as “conflict gemstones” as they are usually mined in war-torn areas where the miners, especially child labor, live in sub-human conditions, with more and more people becoming aware of the dire situation of rough gemstone mining, there is an increased demand to provide ethically sourced gemstones to customers. Ethically sourced gemstones are those that are mined in legal and regulated mines and where the miners are supported fairly financially, socially, and culturally. These also have a low environmental impact as the land is not stressed beyond its limits for mining rough gemstones.

We use only ethical sources for our rough gemstone material and do inspections of the mines ourselves at times. Finding post sources is key to staying active in this business as a Bulk Crystals and Gemstones Supplier as well and with post discoveries such as the Ethiopian Emeralds where we bought much early and stocked up before prices rose, and when possible, we stock up before mines dry up such as we did for Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and for others.

Complimentary Reviews

Another aspect of doing good business is to allow our customers to leave unbiased reviews such as on the website and with comments on our website as you can see now. It is a nice feeling indeed to see the compliments and thank you’s and we do our best to keep that going. The proof is in the pudding and not only with good reviews but with our regular customers, just ordering every month is enough of a compliment.

Black Diamonds and Navneet Gems are This Girl’s Best Friend. Catherine is a Jewelry Designer Client from South Africa and gave us a nice Review. The Meaning of Diamonds and Diamond Benefits is that it is a sunstone and it enhances inner vision, creativity, and ingenuity and amplifies your goals and intent.

We are a 20 year old are a 20-year Bulk Crystals and Gemstones Supplier here and special projects and also Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturing in Bulk, are more that we pride ourselves on. Whether it’s to our customer’s specifications or our own creations, we provide pleasing examples of jewelry and components from our expert craftsmen.

bulk crystals and gemstones supplierA Lovely Piece of Work By Our Artisans

When you are ready to get a quote or buy from a reputable Bulk Crystals and Gemstones Supplier then just click the Contact Us link and either find our email there or fill in the Inquiry Form with the details of what you need and any questions and we will respond promptly and start your order.