White topaz & Swiss Blue Topaz

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in Bangkok

What do Buyers of Rough Gemstones in Bangkok Need?

You need a palette of colors to paint with, a block of marble to sculpt, your audience to sing to?

We might lend an ear but what we can truly help you with is sourcing a worldwide selection of rough or raw gemstones to create your jewelry masterpieces from. Our sources are mines around the world and very near and we do enough business to keep a steady flow of raw stones from the mines and send ours to our clients or for our buyers of rough gemstones in Bangkok, or to our factories for cutting and polishing.


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Sky Blue Topaz Rough From our Stockbuyers of rough gemstones in bangkok

Mother earth creates many gemstone masterpieces of her own and the creations that Jewellers make from the pieces of those earthly gems that they buy from us as a wholesale gemstone supplier are magnificent too.

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in BangkokRough Morganite to a Beautiful Cut Morganite Gemstone    

Come Play in our Rock Garden

Grab some raw gemstones here in Bangkok from a reliable wholesale supplier and save all the added expense of sourcing your own from mines in other countries. We verify the ethical treatment of the workers in mines that we source from as well. Why not add that to your advertising as an ethical jeweler?

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in BangkokMandarin Citrine Rough in Top Color and Quality

We have been in business here for 20 years and sourced near and far till the Thai and Myanmar mines dried up then sourced elsewhere. Of course, there are still stones coming from Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar that we buy and manufacture in our Chantaburi Factory. Others from Africa Mines, Sri Lanka Mines, Russia America, and elsewhere, may go through our sourcing department in India at our Jaipur Factory.

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in BangkokTourmaline Rough Stock Photo

Low Overhead Means Low Prices

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in Bangkok take advantage of our low overhead and low wholesale prices already in the areas surrounding our office in The Jewelry Trade Center to supply their Jewelry Businesses in the Gemstone and Jewelry hub here in Silom. Then they focus on the beautiful Gemstone Jewelry Designs they create for their customer base.

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in BangkokNavneet With Rough Gemstones Examples in Rough Crystal Quartz and Rough Smoky Quartz

Our clients here and worldwide buy rough gemstones and crystals and in bulk raw crystals at that and our wholesale raw gemstones and crystals are a logical one stop source for many of them. Many Crystal Shops and Gemstone Jewelry Designers and Jewelry Factories are buyers of rough gemstones in Bangkok from us.

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in Bangkok
Orange Moonstone Rough Stock Photo

We constantly monitor the prices and availability and post availability all over the world and buy our rough gemstone material in bulk ourselves to sell or to cut and polish and sell for our clients overseas or local buyers of rough gemstone in Bangkok. Rough Aquamarine, Rough Topaz, Rough Spinels, mostly from Brazil & Africa are some of our specialties.

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in Bangkok
African Natural Aquamarine Rough Available at Navneet Gems

Buying from Us Here in Bangkok

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in Bangkok know where to go if they have done their research. To find us as they have, we are in the Jewelry Trade Center Tower and have been for 20 years now. You can contact us by using the Inquiry Form on the Contact Us page and find our email and phone number there too. Please let us know if and when you plan to come by as we are not a retail shop but in an office on the 31st floor. We will respond to your inquiry promptly and schedule a time if you like and you can find Navneet Gems on Social Media too on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google + and more.

Buyers of Rough Gemstones in Bangkok
Swiss Topaz Preforms and White Topaz Rough Ready to be Shipped to a Client and Would You Like Some Too?


Contact Us today if you are buyers of rough gemstones in Bangkok and we look forward to doing business with you.