Types of Jewelry

A Guide on How To Start a Gemstone and Jewelry Business

How to Start a Gemstone and Jewelry Business

We have helped many small businesses to start and grow with our Wholesale Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones Supply Business with mainly bulk orders of Gemstones and even supplying them with our own Gemstone Jewelry in Bulk Orders from our factories in India and Thailand. Here in this guide, we have a few tips and suggestions for you on How to Start a Gemstone and Jewelry Business.

How to start a gemstone and jewelry businessPhoto Courtesy of regalcapitallenders.com

Research and Find Your Niche

First decide what type of business you plan to start, as in a Retail shop, a Party Plan Business,  or a Direct Marketing Business, Online Marketing, Store Promotions, Market Stalls, Trade Shows, Local Shows or Fairs, or even to sell from your own Web Site or sell on Etsy or eBay, or all of the above. Whether you have your own capital to invest or borrow from a lender, the gemstones and gemstone jewelry do not depreciate as other products do and it can be a favorable investment for lenders or a worthy investment for yourself.

Aside from the type of physical business is the type of gemstones and jewelry that you plan to sell. Consider your Niche and do your research. If you design jewelry look to the local Jewelry shops and Trade Shows and see what they sell. Later you can even sell to some stores at a discount to resell your products. Network with others and you may find nice opportunities presented to you. Networking with family or close friends to ask how to start a gemstone and jewelry business, who may give false hope or the “you can’t do that” response may not be advised. There is a lot of potential in this type of business and you should keep your head high as this is an exciting business and your artistic talent is calling you to action.

Types of Jewelry

A Jewelry Types Chart by Navneet Gems

Know Your Products

If you need to learn how to verify the gemstones and choose the correct ones for your jewelry or to sell them directly to other jewelers? Find a local school or Gemology course and GIA such as The Graduate Colored Stones Course is a respected suggestion to become a Certified Gemologist. There are courses online but real hands-on experience is needed to know the differences in many gemstones with similar colors and hues. In a qualified course, you should learn how to cut and polish gemstones and that is an art by itself. You will also need the equipment to do so and may find help locating it from other jewelers.

How to start a Gemstone and Jewelry BusinessA Swiss Blue Topaz Ring from Navneet Gems

Though it’s true that you cannot grow or make gemstones (many labs can now however and is yet another venue for legitimate profit) which means you have to pay for cut gemstones or rough gemstones. If you plan to purchase the cut gemstones already cut or even the rough gemstone material to cut yourself or with hired cutters, find your gems for the lowest price and wholesale bulk orders are of course cheapest. Again, careful consideration is needed for what gems will work with your jewelry unless you plan to use a wide variety of gems. Finding a supplier that can accommodate you with whichever, at a wholesale price is key.

A Video Review Done by a Jewellery Designer and a Very Satisfied Customer.

Some gemstones cost more than others and you should be aware of the differences in value and know the 3 C’s. This cost can become very high depending on the type of gemstone you are buying. The most expensive are typically diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emerald while topaz, tanzanite, and aquamarines are cheaper (we sell all of these and many more). Often buyers will insist on a Certificate to verify the gemstones and finding a local gemologist lab that can certify is needed and the fees can be added. If you are qualified then it is another advantage and profit opportunity.

Your Jewelry Designs

For your jewelry, the art of manufacturing it, including setting the gemstones in the jewelry is a professional artist to be learned. This may be covered in a Gemology class or if you plan to hire others for that then research the costs involved. Online you can find other free resources on Jewelry Design and more. Outside educational services are another option as well, all costs considered. The design of the jewelry can be your own creation for your handmade gemstone jewelry, and this is the joy of owning your own business and seeing that people are excited by your creations and anxious to buy. Natural Gemstones and Natural Gemstone Jewelry are also popular now and specializing in some way can be a plus. 

How to Start a Gemstone and Jewelry Business

A Beautiful Ring by Cornaro Gioielli Who we supply with Wholesale Gemstones

Yet another option on How to Start a Gemstone and Jewelry Business is by you buying gemstone jewelry wholesale and reselling it from your store or location. With the research done and desire intact, find the type of quality gemstone jewelry from a wholesaler and in the carats or quantity you know you can sell. Hopefully, that quantity will grow with your business and the wholesale supplier you use can accommodate you.

How to Start a Gemstone and Jewelry BusinessSome Ruby Baguettes and Cabochons from our Stock.

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Another tip though, on only doing online selling and then going trade shows to buy products or even when contacting suppliers, you may not get a good response if you say you do only internet sales. If you also market your business to local stores or trade shows and so on, let them know. It is always a good idea to be ready to market your gemstone and jewelry business in other areas to expand your business.

You may view our website for the product pages and post posts (where this post How to Start a Gemstone and Jewelry Business is located) to learn about most of the wide variety of our Wholesale Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones and Jewelry and the industry. Our YouTube Channel is also available for good advice on many different gemstones and knowing the quality and differences and ways to tell if you are being scammed on some gems too. This website and the YouTube information is written and produced by a GIA Graduate Gemologist. We are also an ethical gemstone supplier and source from only ethical sources.

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If you are ready to look at buying Wholesale Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones and perhaps Gemstone Jewelry wholesale made to order by your design or our own, from a bulk supplier then click on the Contact Us Link or email us. We will do our best to get you started or to supply an existing business. We hope How to Start a Gemstone and Jewelry Business has helped you and we wish you the best of success. (sharing this post would be a nice compliment).

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