Lot of Natural blue topaz rare

Rarest Gemstones On Earth

Each and every gems created by supreme power are unique in its own way but few of them are the rarest. As per the post release report of Discovery channel here is the list of splendid gems that are really rarest on the earth. But this first gemstone is TRUELY the worlds rarest gemstones on earth by navneet gems.


Topaz is one of the most abundant material on the earth. There is an estimated 500,000,000,000 carats+ topaz in the market today, out of which it took our company 23 years to find these 9 fancy colored topaz. Is that rare enough? And these blue color topaz, naturally occuring in this color, the intensity makes it very rare, especially in terms of % of the total production of topaz which is usually always white in color. Read here for more about the worlds true rarest gemstone. Do NOT use these images without asking us, please send us an email at info@navneetgems.com for using them.

Fancy topaz world's rarest gemstone Lot of Natural blue topaz rare


Black Opal

Opal is national stone of Australia, and black opal is the unusual and most precious of its type. The lack opal has a wealthy, rich black background, but shades of base will be gray. Discovered in the area in northwestern post Southern Wales, black opals are natural gem and solid gemstone that amazingly absorbs scattered white light, giving it brilliant spectral colors.


The Gemological Institution of America (GIA) calling Musgravite “a scarcity among the all other rare gems. Musgravite is a very close relative of Taaffeite. Musgravite was first found in 1967 in the Musgrave Variety of Southern Sydney. Since 1993 craftsman are not able to find out any mine of Musgravite. As of 2005, there were only eight Musgravite samples are present on the globe.


Found in 1951 in Mogok, Burma, Painite was once regarded the most rare gem in the World. For years, only two gems were known. In 1979, a third sample amazingly was retrieved by the GIA. These days, more than a million gems and amazingly pieces have been found. However, only a tiny proportion of them are appropriate for sale. Painite is made up of aluminum, calcium nutrient, oxygen, zirconium and boron.

Red Diamond

Red diamonds, just like any other beautiful diamonds, are made from compressed carbon. However, the amazing red diamond naturally formed due to structural defect in diamond crystal structure, this is the reason why they are the rarest diamonds.

Still one of the most rare gemstones known till date, this pink mineral get its name from Poudrette family, operator of quarry near Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec, Canada, where Poudretteite was first discovered. It was discovered as a few small gemstones during the mid-1960s, but wasn’t identified as a post gem until 1986. The first recorded gem-quality sample of Poudretteite wasn’t discovered until 2000, when it was discovered in Mogok, Burma. This amazing, perfect 9.41 size Poudretteite gem from Burma is truly one-of-a-kind. It is regarded to be one of the biggest.

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