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NRC Certified Blue topaz – updated post 2017

Wearing Blue Topaz is completely safe; says an official from the NRC.

NRC stands for Nuclear Regulatory Commission. All the Irradiation facilities and the import and export of anything radioactive is controlled by USNRC (

Blue Topaz naturally comes in the form of ‘White Topaz’ and is then further treated in many parts of the worlds, especially in Germany, USA and Russia.

Natural Blue topazEven though after the treatment of Blue Topaz, which takes at least a year, there are very slight amounts of radiation left in the stone. It really does not harm the body. It is said that a Chest X-ray will emit 60 millrem of radiation, which is already not considered harmfull; according to the NRC. In contrast, if a person wears blue topaz for ONE YEAR, it would only emit 0.03 millirem of radiation; which really is nothing compared to the radiation from the Chest X-ray.

The NRC has applied a NRC certificate that the importer needs to obtain before importing or distributing blue topaz. Thus, if you’re an importer of Semi-precious stones, either London Blue Topaz, or Swiss Blue Topaz, you need to get this license which is not very hard to obtain. And it barely costs a few cents to obtain this license.

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But for now you don’t have to worry about all this confusion. Its simple, we can provide NRC certified blue topaz stones and if you are looking to import these stones in the USA, we are here to exactly that! We provide quick supply of the best quality of these Blue Topaz Stones you can ever imagine of!

Update in 2017 about NRC Certified blue topaz

The update in 2017 about NRC Certified blue topaz is that last few years have been very good for the public’s health. All the blue topaz in the market today (95% or more) is well cooled down in order to match the safe side of NRC standards. Our company is very well groomed to understand our 24 year main business streamline of topaz. Just one mistake from Macy’s by purchasing inexpensive london blue topaz from China, caused this whole issue for the better of the US consumers.

We are happy that everything has settled down, the labs in China does not at the moment radiate any london or swiss blue topaz. When america stops, the production stops 😉

Navneet Gems and NRC certified blue topaz

Our company’s 24 year old mainstream business line is to do with topaz. Our company since 2007 have been supping NRC certified Swiss blue and London blue topaz to many of our regular customers. If you are in need of any answers, please send in your questions to

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