Swiss blue topaz preforms


Where to buy Swiss blue topaz gemstones?

If this question is arising in your mind that where to buy blue topaz gemstones here we are. Yes, we agree that we are not a single supplier who manufacture and sell Swiss blue topaz but how we are better than other sky, London and Swiss blue topaz suppliers –

1. More than 5,000 carats available mostly in each size and shape every time – Navneet Gems has been running huge production house of blue topaz gemstones in sizes and shapes and production running in cycle process. Swiss blue topaz is irradiated gemstones and takes more than 1.5 years to turn into “BLUE” from white topaz, basically our stock which will come out for selling after 1.5 years, has already sent for treatment in our irradiation center, in every 3 months we have been sending thousands carats white topaz for treatment.


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Swiss blue topaz
Swiss blue topaz

2. Quality gem stones – Might be you are thinking that every supplier says these 2 words but we are not one of them. We have our factory in Thailand to cut white topaz stones which we sent for treatment in further step and our craftsmen are having an experience of more than 20 years in gemstones with us so our quality of blue topaz gems cutting is better than others.


3. Wholesale prices – There is simple formula in gems industry “Wholesale production, Low costing” and we believe in that. By this our every buyer is benefited. Simple economics implies here – if my costing will be low than my selling price also will be low. Reseller who buy from us, add their profit and sale to other people so it’s better for you to buy directly from a manufacturer to get wholesale prices.

4. Consistent supply – In this busy world where people don’t have a single minute to waste, everyone company or buyer is looking for a supplier who can supply different and same sizes in good quality consistently and we are one of them. Navneet Gems is consistently supplying blue topaz gems to many jewelry companies, resellers and others all around the world. It takes lots of time to find a good and consistent supplier and we do value of time and provide not only quality stones, wholesale prices, consistent supply but also frequent mails, chat and phone call services.

5. Time is money – Yes, every buyer wants a supplier who can understand his needs and accurately can accomplish it in perfect manner as per demands and requirements because no one wants hassle after ordering. Many buyers come to us because of their last supplier’s poor communication, quality not meet and poor after sales services. We are having a team of 10 people who are expertise of gemstones with good communication skills, are available for you to understand your requirements and accomplish it.

pear, octagon, marquise, oval
pear, octagon, marquise, oval shape Swiss blue Topaz

6. Contact us or visit us in Thailand to buy Swiss blue topaz – Yes, you can send us a mail on for any inquiry or visit our office in Bangkok, Thailand to buy Swiss blue topaz. Once you send us an inquiry, we will assign you our one expert who will available for you on chat (What’s app, Viber, skype and we chat) mails and calls in working hours.