Tanzanite Stone

Navneet Gems and Minerals are the best supplier of Tanzanite Stone in affordable wholesale price, wide range and colors. We offer you Tanzanite Stone in colors ranging from blue to purple and also in medium dark tone. Tanzanite Stone is considered as the birthstone for December that works as the good luck charm for the … Continue reading Tanzanite Stone

Loose Blue Topaz at Wholesale Prices

Looking for icy cool Blue Topaz at Wholesale prices? Then you are right place buy loose blue topaz at Navneet Gems & Minerals. Blue Topaz – is known as a symbol of loyalty and honesty. And if you are believer of magic and legends then you should not wait, just buy this majestic gemstone. Traditional … Continue reading Loose Blue Topaz at Wholesale Prices

Understanding pricing of blue sapphire gemstones

To write this article, I did a lot of research online on various blue sapphires with their prices, shapes and origins. Mostly, I did research on Sri Lanka, Thailand and Burmese Blue Sapphires with their prices as they are popular worldwide and these countries are prime resources for these sapphires. Also, I went through many … Continue reading Understanding pricing of blue sapphire gemstones

Mystic-Topaz-One Of The Classic Unique Semi Precious Gemstone

MYSTIC TOPAZ – ONE OF THE CLASSIC UNIQUE SEMI PRECIOUS GEMSTONE Wholesale Supply of Mystic Topaz Mystic topaz is one of the most popular gemstones for Navneet Gems and Minerals. We make sure that we have the lowest cost of production without any compromise on technology. Mystic topaz has been the gemstone of the century. … Continue reading Mystic-Topaz-One Of The Classic Unique Semi Precious Gemstone


What if you were born as Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hebrew, you must be using this stone as a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth. And if you were or might be still a believer of folklores, then you must use it to get victory in battles and legal disputes. Sounds strange and bit mysterious, right? … Continue reading Aquamarine


Did you recently hear that investing in loose blue topaz gemstones became a popular business? If so, you heard it well! If you want the best blue topaz deal, we have everything you need for the best functioning of your gemstone business. All you need to do is to choose the types of blue topaz … Continue reading Lets-become-familiar-with-the-world-of-blue-topaz-gemstones


Are you looking to have a stunning jewel for the next important event of your life? Our company is a place to stop where you can choose from the most charming gemstones at the best prices. One of your best choices would be to choose some of the loose blue topaz stones. Blue topaz is … Continue reading Where-to-find-the-most-beautiful-loose-blue-topaz-stones

Pyrope, Almandine, Hessonite, Spessartite Garnet Information

Garnet is one of the gemstones which come in more than five colors. In gemstone industry, garnet family is largest and varied, with species ranging from the red colored almandite, pyrope to the emerald substitute green tsavorite and orange-reddish spessartite. You are going to read about these in this article – 1. Why different garnet … Continue reading Pyrope, Almandine, Hessonite, Spessartite Garnet Information


Navneet Gems and minerals has been manufacturing and selling sky blue topaz cabochons at wholesale prices. We have our own production house of sky blue topaz gemstones in all types of cuttings like cabochons, faceted, briolettes, beads and fancy shapes. Our manufacturing unit is daily producing more than 5,000 pieces in blue topaz stones. Sky … Continue reading wholesale-sky-blue-topaz-cabohcons


With the economy of thailand recovering in a quick time, experts say the upcoming Gem And Jewellery Exhibition 2010, in bangkok; seems promising. Bangkok has always been a vibrant place for Jewllery Lovers. Also known as the jewellery hub, bangkok’s jewellery image continues to prosper. Higher production levels, higher demands for jewellery from bangkok, is … Continue reading 45th-Bangkok-Gem-And-Jewellery-Show