Welcome to Navneet Gems and Minerals page, we have tied up with Swastik Marbles and Minerals from Kishangarh, Rajasthan to produce (manufacturing in Rupangarh) CaCO3 in wholesale quantities for our existing customers to supply with consistent Wholesale calcium carbonate.Calcium Carbonate powder wholesale

Why choose us from rest of the crowd?

We have a manufacturing unit of our own Wholesale CaCo3 where we produce very good quality that is suitable to our Rajasthan production capacity. Our original product is Marble mining, slicing, shaping, polishing and exporting, however there is a lot of scrap that we used to sell at very low prices as they were a waste for us. However 2013 was the year we understood that we could serve the Calcium carbonate market very well as well as make ourselves more competitive. We started a seperate unit in Rupangarh with 2 large plants to manufacture this special powder used in various industries. Not only is our raw material well priced, we also cause very less environmental impact with least emissions and less wastage.

We are the direct source for the CaCo3 wholesale from Rajasthan. Our immense 20+ years of experience in the Marble field has put us into a great advantage on the production side of the CACO3 wholesale Calicum Carbonate factory wise.

Caco3 powder

The quality we can supply is all depends on the customer orders, in this case please email us directly at minerals@navneetgems.com  with the full complete requirements as below and our Indian team will get in touch with you. Kindly expect our reply within 24 hours. We accept paypal, bank transfers, credit card as payment options.

Information to send:

  1. Your company name for importing white caco3 wholesale
  2. Which industry you need the Calcium carbonate for
  3. What is your current specific requirements: mesh size, whiteness, brightness and quantity

To view where our raw material of marble comes from to get this CaCO3 powder you can view here

For the newbies here is some information:

What exactly is CaCo3?

The world is short of calcium, everyone these days needs calcium as the natural content of calicum in our diets have reduced for many reasons. We all talk about the depleting natural resources in the quality of food we eat in the 21st century. Similarly our milk intake and calcium intake has reduced compared to the older generation. This is the simple reason wholesale calcium powder has become so popular in many places especially toothpaste. The calcium that is generated from this CaCO3 is the purest form and is also used in many other industries to make simply things more white.

CaCo3’s simplest forms are found in Chalk, Limestone and Marble. The most important CaCo3 is produced from Marble, this is where our company Swastik marbles comes in. We ensure to use the best marble rejection (bi product during slicing of Marble). There are many types of marble deposits in the world, one of the biggest ones are in India, however the best purest white marble comes from Vietnam and of course the world famous Italy.

Attached an image of our marble godown (storage).Marble storage, granite storage

How is CaCo3 made?