Wholesale fancy sapphires

Multi Sapphire Tennis Bracelets Manufacturer

We at Navneet Gems, have been manufacturing multi sapphires since the Berillium treatment made sapphires look beautiful It took a very long time for us to finally start production of bracelets for these multi sapphires because of over demand for the loose stones from the local market. Now, the fancy sapphires are asked set in jewelry from our customers so we have moved away from manufacturing gemstones only, to manufacturing finished multi sapphire tennis bracelets itself.

Wholesale fancy sapphires

These normal cut ovals and rounds used to be our only selling point, to jewellers, but then we needed a change..

Rainbow sapphire bezel stones

We did some interesting projects for companies..ah those days.

At this point this means for the customers, that all they need is one point of contact, Navneet Gems. We are specialist in fancy sapphires tennis bracelets and have been not only marketing our stock of bracelets, but also making custom bracelets, mostly for wholesalers above $5,000 order. The most important thing in these wholesale bracelets are the stones themselves, for that reason, we at Navneet Gems, put our hearts into the selection process. We will soon make a video about creating your own multi sapphire rainbow set.

Multi sapphire bracelets

Types of multi sapphire bracelets available at wholesale
The first type of bracelets are “rainbow colored multi sapphire bracelets” which are the most popular type of bracelets as it’s the only stone that can be created with such beautiful colors, so its like a monopoly. There is no other stone that has so many variety of colors, saturations, tones, hues then these multi sapphires.
We, are the most competitive source for your bracelets in these multi colored sapphire tennis bracelets. We not only sell what we have in stock, but most importantly we take customized orders for making orders.

The second type of bracelets are “rainbow colored multi sapphire bracelets with invisible setting”. This type of setting costs 1000’s of dollars just for the setting. Thailand was the world’s first country to start manufacturing this type of invisible setting into mass production and was known to do this type of setting since the early 21st century, however over the years the perfection in the labor of invisible set multi sapphire bracelets have become very highly accurate.
The third type of bracelets are “colored tennis bracelet in other colored gemstones”. These type of bracelets may be in silver or 9 K white gold due to the stones being most commonly used as lower price points, like Swiss blue topaz, Spinels, Morganites, Aquamarines, Tourmaline etc. The minimum order for such other colored stones are usually $5,000 due to the rarity and difficulty in sourcing other colored gemstones, however the multi sapphires we have in stock, especially rough, in order to cut any size and shape according to customers order of multi sapphire bracelet.

Invisible Setting Bracelet Multi sapphire

The fourth and last type of bracelet is the “ruby and sapphire tennis bracelet”. These bracelets are mostly made in Gold. The color of the sapphires varies from taste to taste, some like the Blue sapphire tennis bracelet, and some like the white sapphire tennis bracelet concept. We can make all, again the minimum is $5,000 for such orders due to the same reason mentioned above.

The simple and elegant tennis bracelet is a popular item of jewelry and has a permanent place in the jewelry box for many women. Typically it is a symmetrical arrangement of diamonds linked by a thin metal band but today many other colored gemstones are routinely used as a modern alternative today. 

Teal and parti sapphires can be used uniquely in a tennis bracelet by building up a gradient. Just this little modification, amps up the fashion quotient of this timeless jewelry immensely. So here’s to appreciate our gemstone collection exclusively made for tennis bracelets.


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For example: here is a photo of our loose parti sapphire tennis bracelet design in the wonderful and popular loose teal sapphires, really perfectioned for a tennis bracelet design.

Here is the ordering method:

  1. Send us an email at info@navneetgems.com
  2. Tell us your customized tennis bracelet order requirements:
    -Metal type (Silver, Gold), Metal color (Yellow, Rose, White), Stone size (2 mm up to 5 mm), Stone shape (Round or Squares), How many bracelets are you looking for? How many rows of gems do you want, 1 row – 5 rows? What kind of setting, normal setting or invisible?
  3. Within 24 hours you will have a reply from us. Time is money for everyone.