African Blue Sapphires 

From the deep resources of Africa’s Gemstone Mines, we bring you African Blue Sapphires and at wholesale and in bulk. Back to Africa with the new and recent mines and unheard-of low wholesale prices. Here is a look from the GIA and other sources on the growing trend. 

African Blue Sapphires                    A Dose of Deep Blue African Sapphires in various cuts by our experts at Navneet Gems 

From the GIA article New Nigerian Source of Blue Sapphire  

“The recent arrival of high-quality blue sapphire from a new source in Africa has caused considerable excitement in the Bangkok marketplace. These gems, reportedly from the Mambilla Plateau in Nigeria’s Taraba State, are available in large rough sizes, some as big as 100–300 ct. Like previously documented Nigerian material, these sapphires are mined from basalt-related secondary deposits. Yet the quality is significantly better than any seen to date from those sources. Initial indications suggest that this new deposit might provide a winning combination of size, high clarity, attractive color, and good crystal habit from a cutter’s perspective. Indeed, one especially fine stone is rumored to have sold for in excess of US$1 million. 

African Blue Sapphires  A photo from the GIA article of rough African Blue Sapphires of different tones and some with inclusions (and a Thai coin)  

As a preliminary study for a future field expedition to this location, researchers from GIA’s Thailand laboratory (near our office at Navneet Gems) obtained a selection of 30 fine-quality rough sapphires from a trusted supplier in Bangkok. Representative samples were fabricated into precisely oriented wafers for the collection of high-quality optical data using FTIR and UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy. Inclusions were identified using Raman spectroscopy, and trace-element chemical composition was analyzed using LA-ICP-MS.” 

African Blue Sapphires
                                     One of our beautiful deep toned Nigerian Blue Sapphires from stock 

Many natural blue sapphire mines and other mines started up within a couple of years ago and though many in Africa live in poverty because most live under $1 a day, the countries are rich in resources and the region is becoming the next big supplier of gemstones. We hope these profits will return to the local people of these African mines in an ethical and sustainable fashion.  

African Blue Sapphires        More from our stock of some really nice African gems similar to our Madagascar Blue Sapphires  

Most of the African Blue Sapphires are a darker blue sapphire and African blue sapphires are some of our most popular products. We source Ethiopian Blue sapphires, Nigerian blue sapphires (very popular), Kenyan blue sapphires, Nairobian blue sapphires. This darker blue sapphire tone can impart lower prices aside from our already low wholesale prices.  

African Blue Sapphires                   Pre-shipping inspection on some deep dark color African Blue Sapphires from our stock

More on African Blue Sapphires 

According to Gemstone News 247, Sapphire is the most precious, valuable and costly blue Gemstone. Nigeria’s Sapphires are of top grade quality, colors and can fetch up to $10,000 per gram in the International market.  (Un-polished) and the quality ranges from rich indigo blue, in fine pencil-shaped crystals with rich blue color to pale green and colorless varieties, from the Mambila Plateau in Taraba State, Kaduna State (Antah, Nisama, Gidan waya) Bogoro in Bauchi State, Bokkos in Plateau State, and Gunda in Yobe State.    African Blue Sapphires                                                   A mine map from of Zambia Garnet Deposits  

Sourcing Blue Sapphires and other Gems 

Other than the African Blue Sapphires we also source Zambian Garnet, Mozambique Garnet, Nigerian Amethyst and many more types of gemstones and all at wholesale gemstone prices to you. 

Our Bangkok Gemstone Supplier Office is located in the Jewelry Trade Center Tower in Silom and several Gemology labs are located within the building like AIG and the GIA Laboratory is near as mentioned. We have the ability to certify our Blue Sapphires and any gems as the owner of Navneet Gems is a GIA Carlsbad Graduate Gemologist and we can also provide certification from any of the other laboratories if you choose. 

African Blue Sapphires
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