Thinking of selling Semi Precious Gemstones on Ebay? How do people sell gemstones so lowly priced? After doing this myself on eBay i realized how they keep the prices of these gemstones, especially semi precious gemstones so low?

What they do is they offer a very good price, lesser than what it costs them. And they add say (10$ for example) on shipping. This means if a good is priced at 5$, +10$ shipping. You end up paying 15$ which is still quite reasonable and worth it. But when you receive your goods, they are usually glass. Which costs them only 1$ on average. So they made a profit of 4$. And when you realize that it is glass, you wouldn’t want to give the goods back because then you’ll have to pay 10$ for the return shipping cost, because that’s what the Return policy was (which of course you didn’t read properly)

Wholesale Precious and Wholesale semi-precious stones value in money is set by how much buyers are willing to pay. Buyers prefer to pay as little as possible. Without considering the quality or synthetic vs natural origin of the stone set in jewelry there are few points that help you out to choose gemstones on eBay.

  • You need to know all the stone’s history and properties to make your decision easier.
  • Check the online and social status of a particular wholesaler’s company.
  • Ask for certification.

Here is an example:
Someone is selling Blue Topaz Round 12 mm 1 pcs for 5 $ on eBay. And 10$ for shipping. And the buyer pays the return shipping costs. The buyer thinks its a good deal for only 5$ for 12 millimeters Blue Topaz, and click BUY IT NOW immediately. Now that means you pay 5$ (for Blue Topaz) and 10$ (for shipping). So the total deducted from your account is 15$ which is still a very very good deal.

You get the delivery in 2 days, and open the envelope only to find that the Blue Topaz is not Blue Topaz but instead its glass (which costs the seller 1$) You would get really angry, but that wouldn’t help because now you would have to keep it with you, unless you want to pay for the return shipping cost of (10$) when you have already paid 15$. So you’ll give it back, but end up paying 10$ just so you can return the goods back.

So just because you bought the goods, your balance will be -10$ after returning the goods. So most people end up keeping that glass with them, and never again will they buy any gemstones on eBay. But that’s not the right way to go about it.

The answer to this is, please buy from companies that are actually a company. And if they cheat on you still, well then you can sue them!

If you are looking for real bargained products and good priced and original quality of goods, then please buy from us.

Hope this article helped those people who are lost of how Gemstones are being sold on Ebay for such low prices. They are cheating, don’t trust them. Trust us, because we are a company and you can sue us if we cheat. But you cant sue them!

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