Jaipur gemstones street


If you wonder how difficult it is to buy Semi precious stones from Jaipur and how to get around to get the best deals in the city, this guide is for you. We give this guide away because we ourselves have an office in the center of Jaipur where our manufacturings take place.

We are a gemstone manufacturer since the inception of our company. We are producing all types of semi-precious gemstones starting from normal cut, rose cut, flower, diamond, briolette, checkerboard to another customized cut. We are dealing with different wholesale loose semi-precious stones like Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Morganite, Moonstone, Spinels, and Turquoise.

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Obstacle #1: Getting to Jaipur

It isnt the easiest of jobs to do. Because of the poor insfrastructure from any International city in India to Jaipur, it makes it easier to just take a flight but taking a flight can have its own obstacles.

Taking the flight: The closest place to fly from is post Delhi (Capital city of India). The big obstacle is that the Jaipur International airport is quite small and not very “classy”, and sometimes a little unsafe to land (usually due to foggy weather or rainy ground). The ticket usually costs around $100-$150 with the duration of only 30 minutes – 45 minutes but waiting time in Delhi might be long.

Taking the train: This is the second best way to travel to the city of Gems from Delhi, this route recently has upbrought very post oportunities as the rail systems have been less corrupted, and actual investment has actually gone into train systems. This really is a very inexpensive ride of about 15$-20$ per person in an airconditioned train with breakfast. The duration is around 4 hours – 5 hours.

Obstacle #2: Getting in touch with the right people for sourcing

If you think getting there was a difficult reach, then Buying in Jaipur is one of the most difficult parts of the whole trip. It just started and got a ton more interesting, thats what is the best part of this place, adventure.

Jaipur gemstones street
Its very important to do the homework right, in order to get in touch with the right people you need to initially screen the dealers that dont understand your requirements and are sending junk photos of gemstones and jewellery you are just not interested in. Once you have done the screening right, then you need to make sure you get their contact addresses down. Once you have landed in Jaipur or driven there, you should call them all individually and make an appointment with them. Make sure to reach 30 minutes later then what the dealer/wholeseller/manufacturer/broker has promised, thats how it works, you have to make the supplier wait for you and not the other way around (We will learn later how this helps in bargaining)

If you dont have any contacts then simple contact us, we’ll hook you up with some good brokers and you could ofcourse walk down the Semi precious stones market in Jaipur as the picture below:

Obstacle #3: Judging quality and people

In order to just the quality of the stones, its very important to have the lighting that best “shows” the real color and the right quality. Obviously seeing emeralds in yellow background for example will give the buyer a “deceptive” quality image about its inclusions. So make sure you go out of the box, go out in the sun if possible.

I know this may sound wierd but judging people is very important. Its very important to see if the people who you are going to make all or alot of your Gemstones purchases with have the right intentions and have a clean heart. Because if they dont, then in Semi precious stones its very easy to put fake Amethysts in a parcel of Genuine Amethysts by as much as 50% and you wont even realize it. You should test the supplier in your own ways (By asking for prices and narrating bullshit stories and see their reactions).

Obstacle #4: Pricing (Bargaining)

This is where your culture of barganing where the seller says “Thats my final price” and it ends there? Not in Jaipur. You go on and on, but if you dont want to sound very cheap or if it goes against your ego then tell the seller the price you can buy it which is usually atleast 50% less than what the seller initially quotes. But todays market, the bargains are starting to slip down on % values. This is because of a tighter supplier of stones where market is getting tighter and production low.

Some tips to make sure you follow when you are price bargaining:

  • Try to have a broker in the middle of you and the seller (We provide broker services too if you need any where the broker will take you to good sellers directly)
  • Never give a positive or optimistic look about the gemstones that the seller is selling.
  • Never ask for “How much is this”? Let the seller bring it up, try to be a litle busy with your phone or take pictures or go through other pictures of the same items you may from your previous seller. And try to give a negative feedback saying the quality you are looking for is better. If not, then the first questions should be “Do you have better quality than this”? This tells the seller that you are very interested (Even if you are and trust me dont be afraid he will usually not put the semi precious stones away in his bag as he would like to sell them for you
  • Lets say you have a lot of 1000 cts of Rainbow blue moonstone in front of you, dont say you would like to buy it all. Say you want to buy half of it and ask for the price if you have to. Then if the seller says 20 rupees per carat. Dont give a very strong reaction, be as neutral as possible.
  • When the price has been finalized, pretend you thought the buyer and you have communicated for 3 months terms. Just pretend. Its never bad to try. I know this may sound very different and may not suit but this is my experience from 5 years of consistent sitting at our manufacturing where our brokers sometimes bring items at such conditions and I have learnt these from trial and error.

Obstacle #5: Shipping the stones out of the country (Exporting)

The best way to get it shipped is tell the seller to ship the stones to your address, make sure to take a tracking number form the seller.

If you are planning on a trip to Jaipur to buy Wholesale semi precious stones from a manufacturer in Jaipur, please inform us and we will make sure to set up a meeting. And if you need any other services please email me at navneet@navneetgems.com