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Are you looking for a reliable source of Blue topaz from Bangkok (Thailand) because your current source proves to be not stocking enough sizes and doesn’t meet your requirements? We are Navneet Gems and Minerals, a manufacturer of sky blue topaz, blue topaz thailand.

You must read below if so, here is the following agenda for this page:

  • Introduction about Navneet Gems and Blue topaz
  • Ordering Process of Blue topaz with us
  • The process of Blue topaz we follow
  • Qualities of Blue Topaz we have
  • Different genres of “Blue Topaz” or shapes or cuttings
  • Why to buy Blue Topaz from us?

1. Introduction of Navneet Gems and Blue topaz – There are dozens of suppliers selling blue topaz but what makes Navneet Gems better than other suppliers; wholesale and competitive prices, all sizes and shapes stock availability, own manufacturing, huge and a production house and expertise staff.

Navneet Gems started its blue topaz’s drive 18 years ago with two people and now have a staff of more than hundred people all around the world. We stock more than half million carats blue topaz (Swiss blue topaz, sky blue topaz and London blue topaz) at one point of time.

Here we are mentioning difference between buying from us and other companies:

 1. Everyone knows a reseller can not give you competitive prices and good quality stones because reseller always buy from a manufacturer and resale to other hands.

2. Example – if you are looking to buy 7x5mm ovals, 10mm rounds, 20 carats + free sizes and other sizes and shapes in swiss blue topaz then a reseller will able to only provide some sizes and shapes and will not able to accomplish all your requirements and charge you 20-30% higher prices whether a manufacturer like us will able to complete all your needs and charge you wholesale price so it’s better to skip hands and directly buying gemstones from a manufacturer.

3. Everyone wants to earn by business no one is seating for losing money, YES! its truth about business – if you go for a reseller than he will definitely add his own profit in his costing and further sell you at high prices.

SO its always good to buy gemstones directly from a manufacturer and stock holder to SAVE at least 20-30% of your money.

2. Ordering Process of Blue topaz with us – There are two ways to ordering with us –

A. Online blue topaz buying If you are seating thousand miles away from us and want to buy blue topaz gemstones from us then you can simply go to our contact us page listed in top red bar or from here and fill the contact us form mentioning your requirements, For better and fast assistance please make sure you write detail information regarding your requirements.

Example – I want to buy Swiss blue topaz Rounds 5mm, 6mm, 7mm and 8mm, 200 pieces in each and in AAA quality.

Above is just an example, if you have any query regarding buying lot, 10cts+ blue topaz or any other requirements then you can write according to you. We will get back to you in less than half an hour (In Bangkok working hours)

If you directly want to send mail then inbox us at

B. Visit our office in Bangkok, Thailand – If you are in Bangkok, Thailand then there is no other best way then visiting us and directly buying from us, if any customer has problem to ship goods back to his country when staying in Thailand then we ship goods on our customers ‘address and provide them tracking number for express shipping.

In Thailand, our office is situated in heart of the Bangkok city. You can visit our office on this address –

919/357, 28th floor, Room 357, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

Our office is situated in next building to the Holiday inn hotel, sliom road, Bangkok, Thailand. You can see our Google map listing here to make it easier for you to find us –

 3. The process of Blue topaz we follow – Blue Topaz generally comes in three colors – Sky blue topaz (Lightest shade), Swiss blue topaz (More Strong to vivid medium dark blue color) and London blue topaz.

Top swiss blue topaz
Top swiss blue topaz
london blue topaz octagon
london blue topaz octagon

Swiss blue topaz and London Blue Topaz– Strong to vivid medium dark blue to dark blue color of topaz is electron irradiated followed by heating and cooling. Navneet Gems does not use neutron treatment and only use electron beam method by linear accelerators followed by heating and cooling to produce Swiss blue topaz. Our electron irradiated blue topaz is complete safe to wear, which doesn’t emit unsafe residual radiation.

Our company is licensed by NRC (Nuclear Regulatory commission), In August, 2007 the NRC tested 9 batches of blue topaz which is irradiated averaging 500 carats on one and found that the topaz posed no health risk. Then a Fact Sheet on Irradiated Gemstones came in market for blue topaz seller and users to ensure the public that these gems were completely safe. You can also browse many questions answered by the NRC in Fact sheet.


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In a general way there is limit of radiation that should be followed while producing this gemstone, if limit goes high then it is unsafe to wear.

Swiss Blue Topaz preforms for your factory – If you are looking for topaz preforms in this Swiss color, then we are the right source because we stock many sizes in preforms, from small 2 mm round preforms upto 15×20 and beyond sizes. Some images of the trillion preforms as below:

Swiss blue topaz trillion shapes
Swiss blue topaz trillion shapes
Heart Shape Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms
Heart Shape Swiss Blue Topaz Preforms

Sky blue topaz – It is not completely irradiated stone, it is just irradiated to brown and then heated. Color of this shade of blue topaz quite resembles to Aquamarine but this is quite low in prices when compared with Aquamarine. We have been manufacturing more than 50,000 carats sky blue topaz in all sizes and shapes in a month. Along with stones we have top sky blue topaz rough available for selling; we have availability of 9 grams to 60 grams rough in sky blue topaz in top sky (baby swiss) blue topaz color.

Sky Blue Topaz
Sky Blue Topaz

Colour chart of Sky blue topaz which can be used when referring to blue topaz from our company:

Sky Blue Topaz Color Chart
Sky Blue Topaz Color Chart

3. Qualities of Blue topaz we have – Our quality for all blue topaz shades are AAA quality, please check here, our stones are well cut, polished, shaped and dimensioned. From pear, heart, octagon, marquise to round, oval, trillion, baguette we have available in stock anytime. Every stone manufactured from our unit is perfect in height, no shallow and no deep. Regularly height of our gem comes in range of 54-60% of length. If customer needs any specific height then we do it for him/her. Girdle of every stone is sharp, well finished and polished to make every piece elegant.

4. Different “genres” of blue topaz (Or shapes) – In this segment we will describe the genres based on two ways –

A. Shape wise  

B. Cutting wise

A. Shape wise Blue Topaz – We have availability Rounds, Ovals, Octagons, Cushions, Marquise, Long Cushions, Trillion, Baguette, Hearts, Pears and Fancy shapes from 2mm to 20mm calibration sizes and free sizes as well. For price information you can send us required size and we will drop you the prices in your inbox within few hours. Please check some same pictures here –

B. Cutting wise blue topaz
– Navneet Gems has been manufacturing and selling different cuttings like cabochons, faceted, briolettes, fancy, rose cut, diamond cut and concave cut. If customer has any special requirement then we cut it from rough or other available goods. For Example – A customer asks us for Portuguese cut in swiss blue topaz 10mm rounds then we make it for him by available goods in normal cut so basically we can cut all different cuttings, please see some sample pictures here –

5. Why to buy Blue topaz from our company –  Every jewelry designer, reseller, retailer of blue topaz always look for a supplier who can provide consistent supply, quality gems, competitive prices, delivery on time, good after sales services and cheap shipping charges SO here is Navneet Gems for all those supplier seekers.

Most important thing is even color and maintained quality of gemstones that we provide to our buyers. We never had any bad experience with our customers except 2 cases of one day late delivery and that is acceptable in a 18 years long career.

So please visit our office or drop a mail on regarding your requirements, we will reply you as soon as possible.