sleeping beauty turquoise


Size: 12 mm – 16 mm Graduation
Shape: Round Smooth
Weight: 540 carats
Length: 20 inches
Quality: AAA – Very fine quality Turquoise, only slight veining is visible if viewed under Microscope, with a  x 10 loupe, no inclusions are visible.
Certification: May be provided upon request, customer pays the certification charges.
Origin: Arizona (Sleeping beauty Mine)
Treatment: No treatment is done, 100% natural, No resin, No polymer, No surface “special” polish.
Made in: Italy
Polished in: Italy
Price: $25,000
Availability: No such bead is available except this one, other beads available may be available if not sold, Kindly contact us at navneet@navneetgems.comTurquoise has been one of the favorite Gemstone of all centuries. Since the Egyptians time, Turquoise is considered to be the one of the most happy stones with its finest quality and the historical beliefs people had. Fine Turquoise is what is displaed in this Bead. The finest Turquoise comes from Iran since the mines in Arizona for “Sleeping beauty turquoise” closed 2 years ago. Since then raw material is only available from Wholesalers who stocked this finest Blue Gemstone. This typr of turquoise was worn by most Egyptian Kings and queens as the finest gemstone that is rare and beautiful. When a women wore a Turquoise bead, she was considered of the highest class and only the so called “Superiors” then could afford such things on their neck. This fine piece of Bead weighing 500 carats + is one of the best investments an investor could fine. The price of fine turquoise doubling in 2 years makes this Gemstone, especially this bead a must for an investor. Seeing your money in the uncertain stock market or in uncertain abroad bonds, this investment can be worn as well as see its value increaase in the marketplace when you go out to sell this finest of the fine sleeping beauty turquoise.