The Gold in Wholesale Golden Citrine

Citrine is the Yellow Color to Orange to Gold variety of Quartz. Golden Citrine is the entrancing Golden Color Gemstone used in many forms of Jewelry. Our Wholesale Golden Citrine looks wonderful set in a Gold or in a Silver ring with Diamonds or other stones surrounding the Citrine for accent and earrings, necklaces and more.

Wholesale Golden CitrineGolden Citrine surrounded by Diamonds from artsborneo on Instagram

Natural Citrine is not common and most Citrine on the gem market is produced by heat treating Amethyst and Smoky Quartz. This takes relatively low temperatures to change the lighter color to the Golden Yellow Citrine color, and heating it to higher temperatures will give the Citrine a darker yellow to brownish-red color. In general, the deeper colored stones are the most valuable, including those with reddish tints. Lightly colored Yellow Citrine can occur naturally but is rare; the intense yellow form is usually irradiated and given the trade name of “Lemon Quartz” perhaps in honor of its name. The name Citrine is derived from the fruit citron which is a yellow fruit similar to the lemon and “citron” means lemon in French. This Gold color in our Wholesale Golden Citrine is also rare but we have ample stock available.

wholesale golden citrineFrom Our Stock of Natural Citrine

Citrine has been popular for thousands of years and used to be revered for its rarity, though that has changed with time. Ancient Romans used it for beautiful engravings and in jewelry. Queen Victoria loved gemstones and loved Citrine because it was a local stone from the Cairngorms. It led to its use for kilt pins and brooches in Scotland. Also, craftsmen making swords used it in Scotland for making sword handles.

wholesale golden citrine

wholesale golden citrine

Greta Garbo 5.25ctw Genuine Flawless Citrine Cabochon & Solid 18K Yellow Gold Art Deco Cocktail Bracelet (SIGNED by: Greta Garbo) – in the 1920’s-1930’s, Greta Garbo made her own jewelry, and this was part of her original “Art Deco” collection. A similar piece from her collection recently sold for $17,000. These are among the highest collectible pieces as it has her signature on the piece, and was designed by her. (courtesy of

Later in the 1800’s it was also very popular for jewelry. During the Art Deco period between World Wars I and II, large Citrines were set in many prized jewelry pieces. Included in this were the massive and elaborate Art Deco inspired jewelry pieces made for big Hollywood movie stars such as Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford. Jessica Chastain and Kate Winslet were a few celebrities who graced the red carpet in 2012, with this Golden Citrine Jewelry. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing her Golden Citrine drop earrings at several occasions.

wholesale golden citrine

wholesale golden citirne

Wholesale Golden Citrine is a very affordable gemstone which we specialize in, and all of its color ranges are not expensive. It is most often confused with orange-yellow Topaz, which is very similar in color and body. Topaz is the more valuable gemstone, and dealers often sell Citrine labeled as Topaz. However, its the finer Citrine gemstones that have the pure yellow or golden color that is rarely duplicated by Golden Topaz. Citrine may also be confused with Yellow Sapphire, which is usually a purer yellow and much harder, and can also be confused with Golden Beryl known as Heliodor.

Before the 20th century, all gems in the brown, orange, and yellow color range were called Topaz. Modern gemology was only recognized as a science in the 1930s. Now, we recognize Topaz and Yellow or Brown Quartz as separate entities. Citrine gemstones such as our Wholesale Yellow Citrine or our Wholesale Golden Citrine are less frequently confused with Topaz gemstones, but it does happen. Citrine can be found in large crystals, and flawless gems of all sizes and cuts and we can do the same with Wholesale Golden Citrine for you to your specifications.

The Citrine Gemstone Benefits include the Citrine meanings of honor and achievement and have been used in healing for centuries as well. It is symbol of prosperity, success and positivity and many businessmen keep this stone near their accounts for good fortune. It is also known as the 13th anniversary stone and as the Birthstone for the month of November.

For Wholesale Golden Citrine we can provide certification by the GIA Carlsbad Graduate Gemologist owner or acquire it for you from any of the 3 certified gemology labs in the Jewelry Trade Center Tower where our office is located, or the GIA Lab nearby in Silom, Bangkok. Contact Us today and we will respond in kind and start your order.