russian semi precious gemstones

Russian Semi Precious Gemstones

Russian Semi Precious Gemstones

Mother Russia’s Gems

The Country taking over as the world’s Diamond Source with Russian Diamonds is fast becoming the Source for Russian Precious and Russian Semi Precious Gemstones. Russia even now wants to challenge India’s Gemstone Industry according to Rueters.

Rusian Semi Precious Gems

The Mir Diamond Mine in Russia (photo courtesy of

Russia was on the trail of working with countries like India where most of its Diamonds pass through to be cut by the masters there. Lately though, with efforts to control costs and raise profits, Russia has been doing more of the cutting and producing Russian Diamonds with more and more postly discovered areas to mine. Also, Russia has also been steadily producing a large and growing variety of Russian Precious and Russian Semi Precious Gemstones and beginning to manufacture them at home in Russia too.

post advances in gemstone processing and manufacturing equipment has created much more ability to keep the manufacturing in Russia. With Russian Jewelry growing in Russia, it has created another need to keep the Russian Precious and Russian Semi Precious Gems at home.

russian semi precious gems
Russian Gems from the Baikal Region (photo courtesy of YouTube)

Trade shows like the Best Adornments of Russia and JunWex both in Moscow are bringing in top players in the International Gemstone and Jewelry Market.

“Best Adornments of Russia” is from the 6th of December to the 10th of December 2017 at VDNH in Moscow, Russia. This event showcases products from the Gems & Jewelry industry like the Russian Semi-Precious Gemstone Jewelry, Gold and Silver-Plated Jewelry, Cubic Zirconia, Fashion Jewelry Materials and plenty of Loose Polished Semi-Precious Stones plus many other materials.

JunWex happens for 4 days from Thursday, 16. November to Sunday, 19. November 2017 in Yekaterinburg, (Russia’s 4th largest city) and is an International Jewelry Industry Forum and showcases post collections for the seasonal spring and Easter sales. Attending are members of the Russian Jewelry Market and the Watch Market. JunWex is for manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers who are interested in establishing themselves in the Russian market, or expanding their business within Russia as well as the rest of the world. Within the events of JunWex are also seminars and fashion shows as well as an international scientific conference.

Many more Gemstone and Jewelry trade shows are scheduled in Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia and they continue to bring in more business and awareness internationally.

Russian Semi Precious Gemstones also include more and more created gemstones such as Created Emerald and many others as they continue to improve techniques and add more advances in equipment. Some of the best labs are located in Russia for such synthetic gemstones and many are creating gemstones synthetically for industrial and for military purposes.

With all of the growth in mining and production of Russian Precious and Russian Semi Precious gemstones, a need still exists for some gemstones such as Peridot and some Garnets other than the beautifully green hued Demantoid Garnet found in Russia.

Russian Semi Precious Gems
Peridot Faceted Stones

Russian Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturers are still in need of other stones as such a large country has busy manufacturers and distributors and cannot fill all needs in some areas with their own Russian Semi Precious Gemstones or Precious Gemstones. It is easier to contact the established producers in other countries at least until the needs can be filled from within. We have established deals after buying from Russian manufacturers for reselling at wholesale and fulfilled their needs in other gemstones and we still are a Wholesale Precious and Semi Precious Gemstones supplier to other regular clients in Russia.

Russian Semi Precious GemsHessonite Garnet Available at Navneet Gems

Whether you are a Russian Gemstone Jewelry Manufacturer needing a Wholesale Gemstone Supplier or a Manufacturer from another country, we can help you too. Just click on the link in the Menu Bar above where it says Contact Us and fill out the inquiry form with any questions or your order or find our email there and we will reply to you promptly with answers and photos of our wholesale gems.