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The Ceylon or Sri Lankan Sapphires are the best origins out of all of the Sapphires including Australian, African, Madagascar, Kanchanaburi and etc. Experience in cutting, credibility, knowhow and our network of direct suppliers of rough of our own make us the best supplier of Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires to choose from.

Why buy Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires from us in Thailand?

Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires lotThe basic treatment of Ceylon Sapphires are all done in Thailand and if you are one of those large production companies and need Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires in a big quantity regularly then Thailand is where you will find it. Thai people have a profound sense for heating the Sapphires and they are the best kept secret, their experience in heating passed on to their next generation of heaters. Thailand has long been identified as one of the world’s, or if not the world’s biggest player in the gems and jewelry industry for over 50 years. The Kingdom is not only blessed with devoted and masterly craftsman, but also natural gemstone resources. Nearly 80% of the world’s trade in precious Gems is done in Thailand, with Ruby and sapphires being a major part of it.


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Often for people and companies, Bangkok would be the first stop for them when looking for precious Gems, especially Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires and Rubies. Regardless of the originating source for these highly sought-after Gemstones, the city of Bangkok and the lesser known manufacturing city of Chanthaburi (Chanthaburi meaning “City of Gems”) in Thailand is where the vast majority of the world’s supply of gemstones are traded, bought and exported. You will find that almost all of the world’s top gemology laboratories and institutes have offices in Thailand including the Asian Institute of Gemological Science (AIGS), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), the Gems and Jewelry Institute of Thailand and even The Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

wholesale ceylon sapphiresNatural Blue Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires

Navneet Gems Wholesale Gemstones Supplier

Our company has been in the business for 25 years here in Thailand, since 1993 and headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand and in Jaipur, India, where we have our own Gemstone factories in both of the cutting hubs as well as in Chantaburi. Our company is involved not only in many different types of Semi Precious Gemstones (more than a 100 different types) but also our company supplies some of the most finely cut and selected Precious Gemstones from our factories.

The reason Precious Gemstones are not easy to source is because there are various types of qualities and colors of these precious stones. The price and quality vary greatly. That’s where our company Navneet Gems comes in, to provide consistent material. Consistency is what we give to big jewelry manufacturers. Our regular long term clients are from all different areas and regimens and expect their monthly shipments on time and all in proper order as to their specifications. We take pride in our work and our ability to keep our wholesale prices low from rough to polished to shipped and in the hands of our customers in countries such as the USA, Europe, Australia, Hongkong and the USSR countries.

Navneet Gems is a family run business and our employees as well as our clients worldwide are like family to us too. Mr. Suresh Agarwal is a second generation gemstone businessman and founded the business in Jaipur, India then moved the headquarters to Bangkok in 1993 for good reason as it was and still is the center of the gemstones industry. His son Navneet Agarwal, a Carlsbad GIA Graduate Gemologist now runs the business primarily and both do Quality Control as well as all other management tasks. Sapphire Gemstones have been a staple product of Navneet Gems for many years and being able to provide them at low wholesale prices helped to acquire many of our regular international clients.

wholesale ceylon sapphiresA Ceylon Sapphire from Stock

Cut, Color and Quality

Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires come in a variety of colors and qualities. Mostly the finer customers use them where they cannot afford to get the wrong cut color or quality of stones because of miscommunication and this is a high value industry with high value transactions involved. Service is very important. We supply Blue Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Fancy Sapphires and White Sapphires. From the Electronics industries to International Jewelry Manufacturers and High End Jewelers, we establish long term goals with every customer and do all business openly and honestly at true wholesale costs for our post and for our regular long term clients.

Blue sapphire Ceylon

Navneet Gems and Minerals has a full range of Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires Rough in stock. We cut customized sizes and shapes of Blue sapphire from srilanka. Be it single stones from 5-20 carats or be it calibrated, we provide a consistent supply of gemstones and Navneet Gems has it all. In general, a well-cut sapphire will be symmetrical and reflect light at the proper angles in order to enhance the stone’s luster. The most common shapes of sapphires are usually oval, round, cushion, emerald and cabochon. We can supply you with all of these and more in Wholesale Ceylon Sapphires.

wholesale ceylon sapphiresMore of our Blue Ceylon Sapphires

The Ceylon Sapphire once found in Burma, Kashmir, and Sri Lanka, out of which Sri Lanka remains the only copious supplier, is a popularly sought Sapphire all around the world. The city of gems here treasures attractive shimmering shades like yellow, blue, green, teal sapphires, and many more. Once gifted by Prince Charles to Princess Diana, this sapphire still excites the crowd sitting flatteringly on Kate Middleton’s finger. At Navneet Gems, we bring in our Ceylon Sapphires from the abundant mines of Sri Lanka, where the ‘lesser-quality’ is simply disposed of as the high-quality stones are plenty. You too can find them in our profuse source, which includes rich wholesale Teal Sapphires, or for an amalgamation – the stunning loose Parti Sapphires.

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