Amethyst briolettes

Wholesale Briolettes

Looking for a supplier of Briolettes at Wholesale Prices, straight from the factory? Well, is the right place for Wholesale Briolletes.

Navneet Gems & Minerals Limited Company, starting producing wholesale gemstones in 1997, 4 years after its establishment. We produce High-quality Semi-precious gemstones in Briolettes. Searching for a supplier for Wholesale Briolettes will lead you to many suppliers selling online. Their prices are usually high because they sell in retail. However, we are a wholesale supplier of Gemstones Briolettes.


Both side identical cut stone is called briolettes. We have uneven, checkerboard, rose cut and other cut briolette available and also make on order in all shapes – Round, oval, cushion, pear, marquise, and other as well. Briolette cutting gems are widely used with bezels. We have all sizes starting from 2mm to 20mm and up. Our prices depend on stones and sizes. Checkerboard cut briolettes are most popular in all types of gems. We control girdle thickness as well as per your requirements.

We can supply Briolettes in all shapes, qualities, sizes, and almost in all possible Colors in semi-precious gemstones. Our factories in India and Thailand are producing High-quality brios, which are both-sided checkerboards like previously mentioned. Briolletes can look extremely amazing and fascinating if cut under the right guidance and conditions.

If you are looking for a High-quality supplier of Wholesale Briolettes, in colored gemstones, especially Semi precious stones, then please contact us asap. Briolettes are basically the shape/cut of the gemstone and are like two-sided checkerboard cutting and are being used very commonly these days. Briolettes are really hot these days. Everyone is asking for them, briolettes at Wholesale prices.

Contact us to order your required Briolette gemstones right now! And please remember there is no minimum order, but keep in mind we are a wholesaler.