Rose cut sapphire pear shape yellow, pink color


Wholesale Rose Cut Gemstones can be bought @ Navneet Gems & Minerals at Wholesale prices.

Rose-cut gems are setting a post trend in the gems and jewelry industry. This vintage style cutting has become a favorite among all designers, especially among in-house designers. We have been supplying low dome to high dome cabochons in all semi-precious and precious stones in all shapes (Oval, Round, Pear, Marquise, Cushion, etc.) in all sizes from 2mm to 25mm and up. NavneetGems is manufacturing both flats back with rose cut and rose cut with the faceted cut.


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If you are looking for a source of Rose Cut Gemstones straight from a manufacturer, then you are at the right place. Our factories in Thailand and India, manufacture these high-quality Rose Cut loose semi-precious stones and precious gemstones on an order basis. Contact us at

We have Rose Cut 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7 mm, 8 mm 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, and up available in stocks in all these four colors, as well as in other colors and shapes such as Ovals, Pears, etc, for custom orders. For Big Wholesale orders, discounts are available.

pink, white, yellow, blue rose cut sapphire

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wholesale rose cut sapphire

Blue Rose Cut Sapphires
Blue Rose Cut Sapphires

Available stones – Mentioned right in product section and apart from this onyx is also available

Searching on the internet for Rose-Cut Gems suppliers, you will find most of them selling to the local public also, which means they are selling at high-profit margins at retail. But of course, a company like us is only interested in selling Rose Cut at wholesale prices.

Navneet Gems and Minerals is a manufacturer and supplier of Rose Cut Sapphires Wholesale. Rose Cut all over the world. Colored Sapphires and Salt and Pepper diamond rose cuts in wholesale are one of our specialties.

Rose Cut Salt and Pepper Diamonds
Rose-cut Salt & Pepper Diamonds – popular diamond rose cuts wholesale

We are the wholesale gemstone supplier (wholesale supplier is not a keyword)of loose and bulk quantities of Rose Cut Sapphires at wholesale prices. Dazzling Rose Cut Sapphires Wholesale Jewelry is also available at our store at very affordable prices. Rose Cut Sapphires are available in a variety of colors and shapes.

Our latest colored sapphires from Africa (Mermaid Sapphires from Madagascar) to the Teal Sapphires from Nigeria and finally to the blue sapphires of Ceylon.

You can see our latest collection of Rose Cut Sapphires on our Instagram Page:

We supply our Rose Cut gems, which have triangular facets on the top, as you can see in the Rose Cut Gem picture below. And flat at the bottom. When viewed from the face, they usually have a star cut that is shown. So it’s the right time to get in touch with us, without wasting much time on other suppliers who are doing retail business on the internet. That is primarily the reason why we don’t sell online because we are a wholesale company, that has huge stock for Rose Cut Colored gemstones selling to distributors and gem lovers around the globe.