Gemstone And Jewellery Industry During Recession And Fights

In one way, but because of many reasons.

The Jewellery Industry in Bangkok consists of Four Main Sectors. The first is Diamond Sector, the second is Jewellery Manufacturing, Semi-Precious And the last is Precious Gemstones.
Firstly, most of the posh areas in Bangkok, have Jewellery Retail Shops, whether it be of brands, or perhaps Gold Shops too. And the chaos that is currently happening in Bangkok, is not stoppable.

The chaos thats happening, is between the redshirts or the “Seh Daend” And the current Government. The turmoil was started by the evacuation of Thakshin Chinawat, the Ex Prime Minister Of Thailand, who was accused of “Stealing Money” or being “Corrupt” and since then he has only visited Thailand ONCE, but more importantly, he has made his own team of “The Red Shirts”

Now, like i said earlier, there are many shops in these posh areas where there is currently “Open Firing” declared by the government. The diamond showrooms, the Gold Shops all have their goods still inside their shops, which is why the owners are VERY concerned, and bothered about the situation. Places like MBK, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Central World, all have many hundreads of these retail Jewellery Shops.

So is that the only loss the Jewellery Industry is facing? Nope, two more losses to go.

One of them is that the transportation of “goods”, maybe Jewellery Or Diamonds, have become IMPOSSIBLE due to the chaos. There are way to many obstacles for these BikeMan, Or Drivers to be faced with. Thus, they are loosing money and loosing business for sure!

The Second loss is that the factories in Metropolis, which is where all the Jewellery Companies have their factories, are closing down. Officially, only two of these many factories have closed,  but it will be interesting to see what solution the Thai Industry comes up with, especially with the 47th Jewellery Exhibition in Bangkok around the corner in September.

Today and Tomorrow are two days which have been officially called off. It’ll be very interesting and perhaps juduciary to see what this brings along with it.

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