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Birthstones information

What are birthstones?

Birthstones are associated with different months of a year based on color and healing powers. Normally it is considered that birthstone brings good fortune, health and wisdom.  A long time before single color was assigned to a particular month, not a particular stone. For example – Red color was assigned to January and some people used to wear garnet and few used to wear ruby.


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When you are going to buy a birthstone then you should make sure you are paying the right price. Generally, people check the weight and assume this is what is required but if the stone is not up to the mark in quality then it does not work properly so you should always choose a reliable supplier.

Basically, all these gems came from breastplate (Aaron of the priest) of Jewish high priest, and now in today’s era, a particular stone is assigned to a particular month. Twelve types of stones were set in the breastplate.

birthstone chart
Birthstones Month by Month –

January – Garnet is officially assigned stone for this month and said to be very effective while traveling and in business. If you were born in January then Garnet is the perfect stone for you to wear. Garnet should be red-colored which comes from Indian and Madagascar mines mainly.

February – Amethyst African that comes in purple color is assigned to this month and helps in a marital relationship and give courage to the wearer. Amethyst’s deep color comes from Africa and some other countries.

March – Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and thought to cure all diseases, in ancient times it is called ‘sailor’s stone’ because they used to wear it to save them from any ocean dangers. The top color of Aquamarine is called ‘Santa maria’ color.

April – To get rid of evil spirits and give you positivity, diamonds are said to be the birthstone for this month. Manufacturers of diamonds are in Surat, India. We have a huge collection of Salt & Pepper diamonds.

May – To improve eyesight, faith, and believe Emerald is considered the birthstone for May. You can prefer any between Colombian and Zambian emeralds.

June – Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite are birthstones for June but most people prefer pearl and moonstone to wear because alexandrite is a very expensive gemstone. Moonstone blue comes from Sri Lanka.

July –Ruby natural is the birthstone for July and attracts both good luck and good friends. Ruby is quite popular to know more about what we have in stock for you contact us today.

August – Peridot has its own charming sparkle and helps to get rid of negativity.

September – Blue Sapphire – Royal blue and Ceylon blue color of blue sapphire is considered a symbol of royalty and assigned to this month.We have lot of different origins to choose from in different shades of blue.

October – Opal and Pink Tourmaline are symbols of hope and art and said to be the birthstone for October. Opal protects you from the evil eye and keeps your surroundings clear.

November – Yellow topaz and citrine are best for healing and are widely used in Asian countries and strengthen mental health. This stone is a symbol of strength and power, it clears your mind and keeps your focus. It is proved that this stone brings positivity to the wearer’s life.We specialize in topaz and keep all types of topaz.

December – Blue Topaz, Turquoise, and Tanzanite are gems for good fortune. In 2002, the American gem trade association added Tanzanite to the birthstones’ list. Blue colored stones are a symbol of peace and relaxation in life, it definitely helps in healing your tensions.Check our complete range on topaz on our instagram handle ngm.topaz


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These days gemstone jewelry is getting immense popularity among people because of the different colors and shapes. Another reason for its popularity is the birthstone jewelry that is fashionable as well as meaningful for a person.

At Navneet Gems, you can find out different types of birthstones at very affordable rates. Here are some basic steps that will narrow your choice for a Birthstone.

  • Initially, you need to understand birthstone jewelry preference. You can categorize it into three forms- Neck Piece, Ring, and Bracelets.
  • Now when you choose one of the jewelry categories, you can easily narrow down your choices. After deciding that the price range will narrow down your choices significantly.
  • Last but not least, Now you can go for a gold or silver jewelry choice.

When you are looking to buy gemstones like Birthstone Online. Customers have to be very careful. On the Internet, there are various websites across the World that sell Birthstones Online. Also, many websites sell different cuts,shape and sizes of birthstones at very low prices just for sale purposes which is a waste of the money. This is the best article to read about Birthstones and choosing the best online buyers for Birthstones shopping.

If you are wearing a birthstone then that should be 100% natural not man-made on any condition. Contact us for birthstone wholesale by sending an email.