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Wholesale Beads

“Buy Wholesale Beads Online directly from a manufacturer of all types of semi-precious and precious beads”

When you think to buy in “WHOLESALE” quantities then you look for a manufacturer to minimize your prices, in case of buying from a retailer or trader you will always get the higher prices. When you buy from a manufacturer then there you will not have any hands between you and the manufacturer.


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 Navneet Gems and Minerals is the manufacturer and wholesale supplier of Wholesale Beads in bulk. Our supply for wholesale beads online is running for a long time and we have supplied to many countries, even though China is the biggest manufacturer of beads.

We manufacture all these gemstone beads in our factories in India and Thailand. As most of the color stone beads come from India so we manufacture all semi-precious beads in our Jaipur, India factory and precious beads in Bangkok, Thailand Factory.

Wholesale semi precious beads supplier directly from India

We are supplying all different qualities from very reasonable and commercial quality (With inclusions), and very expensive quality (Superior color, clear, no inclusions). In short, we complete demands in all qualities, we sell by carat and per strand also.

Chalcedony beads
Wholesale precious beads supplier directly from Thailand

In this category of beads, we include Sapphire (Blue, white, orange, multi, and pink), Ruby, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, and Emerald Beads. In this, we also have a reason for high-quality beads.

Tourmaline beads
So your search for opaque (Labradorite, malachite, cats eye, etc.), transparent (Sky, Swiss and London topaz, amethyst, tourmaline, citrine. Quartz, etc.), common, expensive (Ruby, emerald, sapphire), and irradiated stones beads ends here.

Designs, sizes we supply

We supply all small to big sizes (2mm to 12mm+) in all colors. We supply loose beads and strands in the normal thread to a sliver, golden wire of all same size, and graduation beads. You can buy your desired shape and design at one stop (Navneet Gems).

Beads and gems
If you are interested in any color beads at competitive wholesale prices direct from a manufacturer such as us, then please contact us. You be answered in next two working hours. You can mail us at  for the fastest reply.