Natural Blue topaz


Natural Topaz comes in the form of White-colored Topaz, Imperial Topaz, and Light Sky Blue Topaz, that I have a huge collection of these four natural ones, which everyone including me loves Natural Topaz more. But yes they are pricy and less available when you compare it with Irradiated Topaz, which comes in three colors.

Lot of Natural blue topaz rare
If you are interested in inquiring about something about Natural Topaz, then you need to contact us. This is what we have in stock:

1) Imperial Topaz–55 carats–Pear-Drop–AAA quality–Reddish Orange–120$ per carat
2) Imperial Topaz–22 carats-Square Cushion-AAA quality-Pale Orange- 35$ per carat
3) Natural (Not Treated) White Topaz with excellent Blue Hues (Similar to Aquamarine)–Oval Shaped, 3$ per carat ONLY (very good price)
4) Natural White Topaz with intense Blue colored Hues–Round–12 carats–4$ per carat
5) White Topaz (Pure White) – we have almost 100,000 carats available to choose from, but due to such abundance we cannot click a picture, so if you send us an email, we can do the efforts for you.
6)And many more Imperial Topaz

natural white topaz gemstones

These are all the different types of Natural Topaz available to us. But however most Topaz in the market is not natural and that’s what is maybe confusing you. But yes these Treated or Irradiated Topaz is really an excellent thing to please the eyes with.