Pastel Pink Sapphires

Wholesale Pastel Colored Unheated Sapphires Are Quite In!



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Navneet Gems and Minerals has been producing Pastel colored unheated sapphires for wholesale since the end of 2014. Most of the production has been in Soft Colored Sapphires since this year 2015 has been the year of Pastel color. From shoes to bags of Hemes, many items have been Light yellow, light pink, light green, light purple and so has Sapphires. Trends keep changing and such sapphires that have come in trend are hugely popular with the Fashionista industry.

Pastel Pink Sapphires

Pastel color sapphires – Inexpensive & Trendy

The biggest reason for these Non-heated sapphires’ pastel colors to sell is because of the trend. Fashion came around in Spring 2014.

For years in the past dark and strong colors of Sapphires have gained the most price and even now they are on the rise, and for some people unaffordable. That’s when Pale colored sapphires can be a very big niche for those people who want nice sapphires but are girly, want their soft clothing to match with their soft jewelry which of course would need soft colors like those of Natural colored sapphires, no other options as Sapphires are the only stone that comes in all variety of colors. When it comes to the price point of view, Pastel colored sapphires are so inexpensive, think of buying a top Loupe clean 2-carat Unheated blue sapphire at $500/ct (Impossible) but it’s possible for a Pastel colored sapphire.

Pastel Multi Sapphire

Availability of Pastel Colored Unheated Sapphires

One of the most important things to marketing is longevity. Jewelers are their own marketers, they mostly do their marketing themselves. So if Sapphires are limited and inexpensive, then they cannot run volumes and thus meet the costs and expenses of their everyday lives. But these Light-colored yellow sapphires, Light-colored Pink sapphires, Light-colored Purple sapphires are available in good quantities. What better than getting Light Pastel colored fashionable Unheated sapphires at only 500$/ct for a 2 carat stone, rather than looking at an Unclean piece of Blue sapphire?

Pastel Sapphires may not always have been the fashion but they certainly are now and we all adore them. Pastel pink sapphires are almost as appealing as pink diamonds. Whereas pastel blues scream elegance and are adorned in rings, pendants, and more and come in several hues like mermaid sapphires and cornflower blue. 

Currently, the popular Songea Green Pastel sapphires is a color, origin we are focusing on quite a lot in 2021. Darker shades such as indigo, twilight, and teal sapphires are also treasured at Navneet Gems and whether solitary or wholesale they come from the rich mines of Madagascar, the US, and further. 

Pastel shades are not only solid but also found in parti sapphires where two or more pastel hues come together and form a captivating amalgamation, and which you’ll find at great economical rates in Navneet Gems.

Here you can check different shades of sapphires;

Shades of SapphireColors found in such lots at Wholesale prices

Have a look at these Lots that are available with our company, mostly all are 1 carat above. Pale-colored sapphires also have great brilliance and look very natural, unlike most of the materials found in the market today.
Light-colored Pale Unheated Sapphire Pale Unheated Sapphire
Light-colored Pale Unheated Sapphire