Wholesale Mozambique garnet in loose gemstones

Navneet Gems has been manufacturing and selling loose wholesale Mozambique garnet gemstones at wholesale prices. Our garnet gemstones are dark red colored with nice luster and shine. Every piece of our garnet gemstones is manufactured by Mozambique rough.

oval red garnet
                                       Oval Red Garnet

Right now we have available stock in Ovals, Rounds, Pears, Octagons, Hearts, Baguettes and Square in small to big sizes.
This article as follows –

  • Color, Origin of our Garnet
  • Pictures from the stock and available stock list
  • Skyrocketing prices of Mozambique garnet, WHY?

Color, Origin of our garnet –
Our Mozambique garnet quite resemble to pigeon blood red color ruby because of red dark colored. We are not manufacturing Indian garnet (Black colored) because of less preferred and low demand.

Available 2mm to 10mm+ round garnet Mozambique at wholesale prices –

Available Pear Shape 4×3 to 14×10 Mozambique garnet at wholesale prices –

Oval Mozambique garnet 4×3 to 14×12 available

Octagon 4×2 to 14×10 available

garnet 1
                                Different Sizes of Garnet

Square, Trillion, Hear shape, Baguette, Marquise Available
Please check our stock list here – Navneet Gems Garnet stock list

Skyrocketing prices of Garnet –
When you will compare our prices and quality with market you will realise that our prices are 30-40% lower than market because we manufactured our stock in wholesale quantities and selling in same profit proportion. Within a year garnet prices has been hiked more than 60% because of huge demand from Russia.

Most of the stones are popular in particular region for example if we talk about tourmaline then Chinese people buy most of tourmaline so basically “Economy of tourmaline” is handled by Chinese people, on the other hand this is not applicable on garnet because this stone is popular all around the world if any country stops using this gem in their designs then it doesn’t affect much so basically demand of this stone is increasing day by day and price has reached high.

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