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Where to Buy Gemstones In India

Where can you buy Gemstones in India? Well, India is the perfect answer, but India is really huge.

India is really a big place with various types of people, various types of cities and each city has its own tradition and policies when it comes to the Gemstone industry. All over the world, India is also famous as a gemstone hub, a place where you can find a magnificent variety of gemstones amazingly at a very low price. Since 3200 BC, India’s Kings, artists, civilizations are admirers of gems. Even one of the eight wonders of the earth Taj Mahal at Agra appears statement to the age-defying beauty of Gemstones India. Parts of India like Rajasthan, Gujarat are so rich in culture as well as in gemstone mines.

Gemstones from India is very affordable, there are many reasons behind it and a few are:

  • The abundant availability of gem mines makes it the largest wholesaler country of gemstones that is Gemstones India.
  • India is the second-largest populated country that makes labor charges much lesser than other developed countries.
  • Gemstone mines are more in India that makes India a bulk producer of gems and hub of Gemstone manufacturers.
  • Due to cheaper investment, the Gemstones in India are available at very lower prices.
  • India is the largest consumer of Gold Jewelries that makes it a higher producer of charms and Jewelry.

 So you have to narrow down your options according to what you want to buy.

Looking to buy Semi precious gemstones in India?

For any type of Semi-precious gemstones you want, we would want you to contact ONLY us, because we are a professional Indian company with great prices, and trust us no pathetic behavior, you’ll be amazed, so just try us once.

Looking to buy Precious Gemstones in India?

Well, that’s a great idea because India has the most consumption of Gold Jewellery, which means a lot of Precious gemstones are manufactured and traded in India, so India is definitely one of the places I suggest you, but I also suggest you try out Thailand, because Thailand is a hub for Precious gemstones, such as Pink Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, White Sapphire, and many more types of sapphires, and Ruby and Rubelite as well.

Looking to buy Diamonds in India?

White: Go to Bombay, because this place is definitely full of traditional Diamond sellers who manufacture and export the world’s top-quality diamonds. No doubt about this one!

Black: Surat is the place, but I suggest you take some prices from us as well. Simply click here for Black Diamonds because in India you need contacts, very good contacts or you could really be paying twice as much as you would want to.

Other types of Diamonds: Again, Bombay is the city.

Looking to buy Jewellery in India?

Jewelry is made in EVERY single city in India, be it Diamond Jewellery, Gold Jewellery, or Silver Jewellery. But if you want silver jewelry, post-Delhi is the place, it has so many Jewellery companies that can make Jewellery at a professional level, whatever your requirements are. We have our own supplier of Jewellery, so you can ask us for some quotations for Jewellery too.

Thank you and hope this article helped those who don’t know the role of India’s different cities in the buying process of Gemstones.