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Importance of Trade Fairs In Gemstone And Jewellery Businesses

What is the importance of Trade Fairs in the Gemstone/Jewellery business?

The importance of Trade fairs has increasingly been common over the 21st century as people look forward to globalization of our Gemstone and Jewellery Industry.

Our profits margins have reduced, we are earning lesser than before, yet people are expanding their businesses abroad to different and niche markets, the reason is to get a turnover.

Trade Fairs are one place in the Gemstone business where the buyers can meet sellers. Otherwise where else can you see a few thousand potential customers walk pass your booth? This fact is what has made this whole businesss trade fair (B2B) to successfull and at such a large scale. There is no need to go around looking for buyers anymore, you simple get a booth for yourself which might be a few thousand dollars, depending on the country. For Bangkok it is around 5,000-7,000 USD for a small booth dependingon the promotion and the location

For buyers: If you are buyer of gemstone, then please select the trade fairs you visit around the world, because each trade fair has its own speciality. For example: Bangkok fair is known for Precious and Semi Precious and Jewellery items, but not for Diamonds or Beads, etc.

For sellers: If you are seller of gemstone or jewellery, then please attend the fairs that will best suit your style. Make sure there is enough competition for your product which usually reflects the success of that style. So in this case competition from other companies that offer the same product as yours is good because that gives you (post entrants) a poster chance to get the existing customers who visit the fair every year.

We are well known supplier and taking part in fairs all around the world. We are regularly displaying  in every fair of Hongkong, Bangkok, India. Also taking part in Japan and china fair. A glimpse of our booth in  Bangkok.
Navneet Agarwal At bangkok fair

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