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What to Look for in Supplier of gems online?

Two types of people search for suppliers of gems online:

1) Looking for Wholesale Supplier of Gemstones for the Manufacturing of Jewellery

2) Looking for beautiful gems to keep as memories or for Investment purposes.


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 For Both cases, the following are criteria you have to look at when making sure that you search for the right source of supplier of gemstones on the internet. The internet can really show a lot of information that isn’t true or manipulated to fool the public, thus selecting your favorite colored gemstones online, needs to be done at the following steps:

1) The supplier needs to meet your scale of business. (Too small or too big a supplier isn’t the right match)

2) The prices need to meet your maximum paying price. Definitely, you need to set in your selection criteria of minimums and maximum prices.

3) Country of origin, of the manufacturing. This will highly affect your communication with the company. Moreover, this also applies to individuals who are looking for a particular type of Peridot or any other gem for example. Peridot from the USA and Peridot from China are completely different in quality.

If you don’t spend enough time on choosing the right Gemstone supplier for your wholesale needs then you will be spending a vast majority of the time just ordering Colored gemstones that you won’t even be able to put in your Jewellery. 

For more information, check out our infographic page development for the Gemstone industry. We have created infographics with real gemstones from our stock. Each one of these infographics on this page is 100% pure work of Navneet Gems – created all by Navneet Agarwal himself, a Graduate Gemologist from GIA.


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These are really the main important factors in deciding which manufacturer of gemstone to pick from a list of many suppliers. Also please beware of fraud, as this occurs a lot of the gem industry online, look for affiliations the website has with well-known organizations. (international colored gems association)- for example.

This article is for those Jewellery companies looking for a supplier of gems online since gems in their own country are likely to be much more expensive than gems in Asia- for example, because of labor, skill, other cost-related issues.

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