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What are Umbalite Garnets

Glory of Garnets:

In general, perspective, when someone is asked about the colorful gemstone, the average person’s answer would be three renowned gemstones- Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds. However, there is one gemstone that is literally available in every color of the rainbow. And that gemstone is lowly priced Garnet. Even most people think that Garnet comes in various hues of red only because the word Garnet has been derived from the word “Grantium” which refers to red pomegranate seeds. The colors of Garnet are as beautiful as any precious gemstones and are available at much cheaper prices.

Umbalite Garnet - How it forms
Umbalite Garnet – How it forms

Garnets are a set of closely related silicate minerals that form a group, which results in the gemstone of every color. All the species of Garnet possess similar crystal structure and physical properties but there is a difference in their chemical composition. Garnets can be classified as Almandine, Pyrope, Spessarite, Andradite, Grossular and Uvarovite Garnets.

Talking about Umbalite Garnets, Umbalite is a member of the Pyrope Garnet family. It has a chemical composition of a mixture of Pyrope and Almandine with some traces of Spessartite. The chemical formula for Umbalite Garnets is Mg3Al2 (Si04)3. This stone was first discovered in Tanzania’s Umba Valley in 1978. Its name has been derived from the source of its origin only. Umba Valley is the sole source from where Umbalite Garnets are mined. Therefore, it is rare and costly compared to other types of Garnets. The fine quality of Umbalite Garnets ranges in color from light pinkish rose to pale red-violet.

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On Moh’s Scale of Hardness, Umbalite Garnet is rated at 7-7.5 which makes it durable and enough resistant for everyday wear and tear. Umbalites are often confused with Rhodolite Garnets.

To maximize the amount of brilliance displayed by gem it is important that the stones should be well-cut. Umbalite Garnets are mostly cut or shaped in cabochons, ovals, cushions, and rounds because these cuts will show the least amount of darkness.

Umbalite is the traditional birthstone of those born in January. Garnet is the zodiac sign for Aquarius i.e. mid-winter season Jan20-Feb18. Umbalite Garnets are the gemstones for emotional healing. It encourages the feeling of love, compassion, kindness and promotes self-worth. It is effective in aiding heart disorders and stimulates metabolism.

How to buy Umbalite Garnets from us?

Navneet Gems and Minerals sell these beautiful Umbalite Garnets online. You must be wondering there are thousands of other online dealers also who sell Umbalites then why choose us? The answer is:-

  1. Other dealers are selling bright Rhodolite Garnets from the other locations and call them Umbalites to yield higher prices.
  2. Even some dealers sell Malaia Garnets similar to Umbalites. They often called these Umba Garnets which have a red-orangish color.

1. Almandine Garnet:  It is the most popular mineral group of Garnet. It is typically deep red to reddish-brown in color, sometimes with violet and brown hue. This red Garnet occurs all over the World but only a small percentage of it is used as gemstones. Most of the Almandine stones are opaque and rough which is not suitable to make gemstones. And, hence used for industrial purposes. It is also sometimes referred to as Almandite Garnet.

2. Pyrope Garnet: These Garnets are also found almost everywhere like Almandines. These are deep red to nearly black in color. Sometimes, they can be rose-red to violet in color. In the past, Pyrope Garnets were also called Bohemian Garnet, Colorado Ruby, California Ruby, and Elie Ruby, etc. but now these names are strongly discouraged by the Gemological Institute of America.

3. Spessarite Garnet: They are also known as Spessartine Garnets. They are relatively post-discovered species of Garnet. They were first found in Germany in the year 1990. Spessartite Garnet can be found in brown, orange, pink, and brownish-red colors. They are currently mined in Nigeria, Nambia, and Romania (California).

4. Andradite Garnet: This Garnet comes in a variety of colors like yellow, green, orange, reddish-brown, grey, black, white, and even colorless. The green variety of Andradite is known as Demantoid Garnet. This type of Garnet is transparent and thus highly-priced. It is one of the rarest varieties of the Garnet. Demantoid was first discovered in Russia in 1853.
5.Grossular Garnet: This variety of Garnet also occurs in a variety of colors like white, green, yellow, pink, brown, orange, orangish-red  and even colorless. Tsavorite Garnet– a member of this family has an Emerald green color and is used extensively in jewellery applications. This is a cheaper substitute for Emerald. Tsavorite was first discovered in Kenya and Tanzania in 1960 and was named by Tiffany’s.

    Tsavorite Garnet              Demantoid Garnet
Tsavorite is a green Grossular Garnet. Demantoid is a green Andradite Garnet.
It has a higher refractive index and dispersion than Demantoid. It has a softer refractive index and dispersion compare to Tsavorite.

 Table showing the difference between Tsavorite and Demantoid Garnet

6. Uvarovite Garnet:  This is also an Emerald green-colored Garnet. It is rarely found in gemstone quality as it is usually found associated with chromium ores in Spain, Russia, Canada, Finland, Norway, and South Africa.

    Umbalite Garnet              Rhodolite Garnet

 Umbalite is a hybrid of Pyrope and Almandine with some traces of Spessartite which causes light pinkish-purple color.
Rhodolite is a hybrid of Pyrope and Almandine only.Umbalite Garnets has high refraction of light which allows exceptional brilliance and fire.Rhodolite has softer refraction of light compared to Umbalites.