Topaz Gemstones color chart

Topaz Gemstones Are Available In So Many Different Varieties – What Makes It So Flexible?

What Makes Topaz Gemstones the Most Flexible Gemstones out of all?

Topaz Popularity

Topaz is not only a very popular gemstone but also a name used in many places and things. A search for #topaz on Instagram will bring up more game and cartoon images first, and mainly from Steven Universe a children’s cartoon, and images of Topaz Gemstone Jewelry after. There is some like a huge Topaz business brand name in Russia (and they do love Topaz Gems in Russia too), a building named Topaz Tower Bangkok here in Bangkok that once belonged to a Gemstone Dealer some 20 years ago, a Topaz Noodle Restaurant in post-York, Topaz Sailboats, a Topaz Music Group and you name it, anything. Topaz Gemstones have many of their own reasons for its popularity as well and as we listed below, like Topaz hardness, its natural colors, color centers, and more.

Blue Topaz Color Chart

Topaz Gemstone Color Chart by Navneet Gems


To start with, the hardness of the Topaz Gemstones is at 8 on the MOHS scale. Its durability is very high and it can also survive high temperatures, accidents, and high heat. The factor of hardness is important and best above 7 which is the hardness of Quartz which is the most prolific in the air, meaning dust particles can be made of Quartz and therefore scratch anything “softer” if not cleaned properly. You should always rinse your gemstone jewelry under warm water when cleaning it first, just in case. The only gemstones harder than any Topaz Gem is a Corundum such as Sapphires and Rubies, and of course Diamonds.

The Natural Topaz Colors

The Natural color of Topaz Gemstones is colorless or “white” which gives you a brilliant look in your Topaz Gemstone Jewelry and at a great price point. There isn’t any other Natural Gemstone that looks white, and a 10 carat stone can only cost you $100 or less. If you are looking to buy a natural affordable stone then White Topaz is your only choice.

Topaz Gemstones

Others like CZ’s may be low priced comparatively but are synthetic like many others. Another point of the fact that it is colorless is that we can coat these Natural White Topaz Gemstones into different colors using the Coating Vaporization process in America and China. Here in this Topaz Color Chart are shown only some of the colors that we can coat Natural White Topaz into:

Topaz Gemstones color chart

Topaz Color is an important part of its valuation, so consider that deeper colors tend to be the higher of the Topaz stone price. The pink and blue colors of Topaz can be more expensive when the colors are intense. All said though, Topaz in its many colors is still a good price compared to other Precious and Semi-Precious Gems.

Topaz Gemstones’ Color Centers

Topaz has color centers which make it a very vulnerable stone to change color with heat and with radiation treatment. White Topaz can be converted into Sky Blue Topaz with the help of heating and into Swiss Blue Topaz and London Blue Topaz with a 1 to the 2-year process of radiation bombardment and then 2 to 3 years of a cooling down period to meet the NRC’s radiation requirements since 2007.

Some of the finest and the most intense stones of Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstones are shown here so you can see what a beautiful color it forms after radiation for a couple of years and then cooling down. This intense wait leads to a beautiful result into Swiss Blue Topaz:

Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstones Swiss Blue Topaz Gemstones

We have been specializing in Topaz Gemstones for many years and other sources of gems are available from us as needed. With factories in India and Thailand, we do our own work with skilled workers and advanced equipment and final quality verification checked here in our main Bangkok office.

Topaz Gemstones Colors and Cuts
Here are more Beautiful Colors, Cuts, Shapes, and Sizes of Topaz Gemstones from our stock of Wholesale Gems – using the CVD coating process.

What can we do with your Topaz Gemstones?

We are having our manufacturing factories in Thailand, where high-quality Blue Topaz loose gems are produced in bulk so that you can buy them at wholesale prices and straight from its mining treasures like Brazil and Nigeria.

We at Navneet Gems and Minerals are a wholesale gemstone supplier and as stated, specialize in Topaz Gems. We can do virtually any cut or shape or color as some are shown above, to your specifications and we guarantee you good quality and good competitive wholesale prices. 

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