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Ruby is the king of Colored gemstones they say. It’s not just a saying but a reality as Ruby has a long history from the Victorian and the Egyptians first started carving ruby as the most precious gemstone of the world. Even the Unheated ruby the queen of England thought was an Unheated precious ruby actually turned out to be a Spinel. That must have been disappointing because of the Ruby being her beloved precious gemstone.


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Heated and Unheated rubies both have been the two most types of Rubies in the market. Recently the goods for Unheated ruby’s have almost vanished from the market due to large investors putting their money in these investment gemstones where nature has dried up. Because of this type of movement, heated rubies have started appearing in the market much more as treatment techniques improve due to improved technology and reduced production of unheated rubies. Heat treatment has become a very common acceptance and practice in the Gemstone trade.

From an investment point of view – unheated rubies, the king of the kings.

An investor is always looking for high ROI, low supply of that investment, and high demand. That is exactly what has happened with Unheated rubies. Since the mines in Burma have 90% closed due to low production and not enough coming out of the ground, this gemstone has shot up in price largely. And when that happened the rich Burmese miners became even richer and that improved the capacity to hold the stock they had and not sell at “whatever it takes prices”, these two reasons have made Investors in the past 5 years looking for Unheated IF, VVS & VS quality rubies from Burma and Mozambique.

The economy has played a major role. Since the debt crisis in Europe and the USA sent the inflation and the interest rates to their lower levels, the investors started looking for places in Asia, like India, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia. A lot of investors went to India and Indonesia for services and natural resources, They also came to Thailand for investment-grade gemstones like the Unheated rubies. That’s when big British, European, and American companies started investing in Rubies, since then the prices have never looked back and have taken a hike.

From the Wholesale point of view

Pricelist chart for Unheated rubies from Burma (As of 2014 January – prices may increase) – for Vivid/Pigeon Red ruby (Top color)

1 carat – 2 carats Unheated Burma Ruby 100% Clean – $20,000/ct – $30,000/ctSlight Inclusions – $2,000/ct – $8,000/ctIncluded – $500/ct – $1,000/ct
2 carats – 3 carats Unheated Burma Ruby 100% Clean – $30,000/ct – $50,000/ctSlight Inclusions – $3,000/ct – $15,000/ctIncluded – $700/ct – $1,500/ct
3 carats – 5 carats Unheated Burma Ruby 100% Clean – $60,000/ct – $100,000/ctSlight Inclusions – $20,000/ct – $30,000/ctIncluded – $1,000 – $4,000
5 carats – 10 carats Unheated Burma Ruby 100% Clean – SOLD OUT.Slight Inclusions – SOLD OUT.Included – $5,000 – $7,500
10 carats+ Unheated Burma Ruby 100% Clean – NOT AVAILABLESlight Inclusions – NOT AVAILABLEIncluded – $10,000 – $15,000

Pricelist chart from Unheated/Untreated rubies from Mozambique

Navneet Gems and Minerals promises to supply the most competitive prices of Unheated rubies at wholesale, while still serving the retailers and end consumers who may be seeking these precious gemstones for investment purposes or for setting in Jewellery or their stores. When you compare our prices of these rubies with other online retailers, you will see that our prices will be at least half of theirs because they have a whole costly E-commerce setup, and staff to manage and Online marketing expenses which reach thousands of dollars per month for them.

Here is a real example of Wholesale unheated ruby from our stock:

Unheated ruby examples
Unheated ruby examples

We are a specialist in sizes from 1 carat up to 10-carat sizes in these beautiful most precious red gemstones available in the market. Please contact us if you are looking for any Unheated rubies from our wholesale production facility for Ruby located in Thailand.

What type of Unheated rubies do we have?

Apart from having single loose stones in rubies, we also keep the calibrated sizes in Rubies like 3 mm rounds, or the 4 mm rounds which are the most common sizes.

All our unheated/untreated rubies are from either Mozambique or Burma. We ensure that all our Unheated rubies will be certified and certificates will be available from whichever body you want the certificate from, each certificate will cost differently. Unless we already have the certificate (Which mostly we do) then we don’t ask for the cert cost.

We have mostly the Pigeon red, Vivid red rubies in the Unheated stones in this red corundum that we have. This is because the commercial (Dark brown, Dark red, Black, or other tones) does not sell that well, and we specialize in Investment quality Rubies online in the unheated sections. Most unheated stones come in a slightly off tone because they are “natural” untreated stones with no treatments, and they are likely to have a tint of other colors in them, but most of our stones are Pure red. We believe in storing the best quality only.

Identification of Unheated ruby

Having completed my Graduate Gemologist degree from GIA in early 2014, I can explain the exact way to identify a heated from an unheated ruby. When we purchase rough gemstones we can understand initially whether the rough is already heated or not. There are just a few simple ways of identifying heated from nonheated.

1. Silk – if the needles are broken in the Ruby (Applies to any corundum) it means that during the heat treatment, the needles were heated to an extent that they started to disappear and in that process of heating the needles which are usually bomite (It has a lower boiling point then Corundum), so the Bomite needles start to melt.

2. Halo around a crystal simply means that the crystal was heated so much that it tried to escape and in that process created an escape plan.

Quality of Unheated Ruby
Quality of Unheated Ruby

Pictures of Unheated ruby from us

Understanding color in ruby
Understanding color in ruby

Jewelry exhibitions we take part in selling Unheated natural ruby at Wholesale Navneet Gems and Minerals has always committed to supply to many of the customers worldwide with the best quality of Unheated possible. That is what we specialize in, the good quality Unheated ruby that is not available elsewhere. We do produce some quality with more than just eye-visible inclusions but that is usually 1 out of 10 customers of ours. We usually produce quality 1 and 2. Quality #3 and #4 are rare for us to produce.

Unheated Ruby is an item that sells really well in the Jewellery shows, if you are to sell them online, it can get tricky as pictures and the internet consists of a lot of scammers for these expensive investment gemstones. Sorry, not just investment but also wearable gemstone, because they are on the Mohs hardness scale of 9. Now that is quite high. So even if you have an Unheated ruby set in your ring don’t worry too much about it, it will not the durability of this precious stone. Unheated ruby wholesale customers usually visit us during the most common jewelry shows in Bangkok, Hongkong, Tucson, and JCK where the king of gemstone attracts many buyers towards its historical and breathtaking color, the color of love, and blood.

Pricing of Unheated ruby chart (Researched)wholesale natural unheated ruby

We are mostly known for sapphires, but our factory cuts very small melee size fine round & square-cut rubies for all sizes and mostly go out for client custom orders. We also cut single stones of rubies, unheated and heated; Burma origin and Mozambique origin rubies. The process of cutting Ruby is quite difficult, especially color matching, size matching, quality (clarity) matching, and a perfect heating process that we have put lots of years of research and development into this Thai-controlled process. Also, we offer wholesale natural Burma ruby, unheated untreated ruby, glass-filled ruby, and the standard traditionally heated rubies. 

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