wholesale ruby glass fill mix shapes

What are Glass Filled Rubies.

What are Glass-filled rubies?

  • Natural ruby infiltrated with glass to enhance quality and color
  • Lead Glass-filled rubies come at less than 10% of the cost of a natural ruby
  • Glass fill rubies are considered to use and throw ruby – not as an investment
  • Glass-filled rubies may have long term durability issues if treatment is of poor quality
  • Caring for glass fill ruby is completely different from a natural one
wholesale ruby glass fill mix shapes
wholesale ruby glass fill

The above were quick points to explain what glass-filled rubies are. Let’s go into more details to explain:
A natural ruby could be opaque, full of inclusions, or even pink in color before they treat it. The real treatment comes when they completely change the look from the opaque, pink-colored natural ruby to a semi-transparent reddish color glass-filled ruby. They take the natural ruby, mix a few “unknown” chemicals, heat at high temperatures so most included crystals but the ruby starts melting, to dissolve in the ruby and make the stone a more valuable one. This is the basics of glass-filled ruby.

Glass filled Ruby
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