wholesale gemstone guitar picks,

Why Buy Wholesale Gemstone Guitar Picks?

Wholesale Gemstone Guitar Picks

Now to you, a gemstone guitar pick may seem like a luxury item, but as far as tone, our wholesale gemstone guitar picks provide a clean, crisp sound and they are a beautiful work of art as well and are just as varied as nylon and metal picks

The wholesale semi-precious gemstone guitar picks or even the wholesale precious gemstone picks we sell in bulk are not overly priced, but they will cost a little more than nylon or plastic guitar picks. So, is the price worth it? Well for many seasoned guitarists, the answer is a resounding yes! Not only are they longer-lasting, easy gripping, and better sounding, they are also very appealing items to own.
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Why Use a Gemstone Guitar Pick?

Those who have used guitar picks made of gemstone often prefer the nice crisp tone which is more defined than even metal picks. The materials more commonly, used are Agate, Jasper, Tiger Eye and Turquoise and all polished and we have a much larger variety available. With such a wide variety of styles of our wholesale gemstone guitar picks, they are well worth trying.
While the picks are indeed much more durable and probably won’t harm your guitar strings, the smoothed edges should make them just as safe as plastic guitar picks to use. Now you can try other stones from your rock collection as picks though you won’t get much use out of them or your diamond ring.

wholesale gemstone guitar picks
These Graphs showing material used in Guitar picks in a survey show that heavy gauge and medium to heavy material is preferred from troygrady.com

Our wholesale gemstone guitar picks give a unique tone because of a few characteristics such as density, flexibility, and durability. Plastic will absorb some vibrational energy when struck against a guitar string. Stone will not, at least to the same extent which results in stronger, more distinct vibration. Many different specialty stores have started to sell our wholesale gemstone guitar picks as a post way to control the precise tones.

wholesale gemstone picks
What’s Wrong With Using Gemstone Guitar Picks?

Now gemstone material is hard, so if your playing style is very thrashy, you might find scratch damage to your instrument, either on the paintwork or pickguard. So Careful how you play a friend’s post axe, or your dad’s vintage Gibson.
Gemstone picks will last a very long time and offer good grip control. The biggest problem with a gemstone pick is losing it. If you are like most guitar enthusiasts, losing picks can be a common nuisance. With wholesale gemstone guitar picks, there is obviously a need to reform old habits because though cheap in bulk, they cost a little more.
Some will even try to sell you on a gemstone guitar pick being the last one you will ever need to buy. While this is indeed possible, it is much more likely it will be lost long before it breaks. It is possible though to have a hole drilled in it for a string or chain and a clasp, as well as other customizations and extra gripping features, from a local jeweler for example.
Wholesale Gemstone Guitar Picks
                We Supply a Wide Variety of These Gemstone Types and More and Different Gauges

Where to Buy Wholesale Gemstone Guitar Picks?

We sell these Gemstone Picks from .50 to $5.00 per piece with a minimum order of $1000 and in all shapes and sizes available. Use the Contact Us form or find our email and WhatsApp there for bulk orders or questions about ordering in bulk. We probably can’t send you a video of the owner strumming a guitar with your gemstone picks but we will send photos or video of your order before shipping if you like.

wholesale gemstone guitar picks,
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